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The Class Council of the Columbia College graduating class of 2009 is urging that all seniors submit nominations for this year’s Class Day Speaker. Using your nominations, the council members will present a “wish list” to Quigley, who will then invite those 5-8 possible speakers.

This is all of course assuming that there are more than 5 names submitted for a list that Bwog predicts will be 99% “Barack Obama” and maybe a “Matthew Fox encore!” thrown in semi-ironically. 

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  1. Turk  

    I vote for the Todd... graduation five!

  2. Hillary Clinton

    Hillary! Hillary! Hillary!

  3. Dude  

    They have to have graduated from Columbia.

  4. Chris Kulawik

    Kulawik! Kulawik! Kulawik!

  5. XJE  

    David Paterson. He lives in Harlem and we know that he will at least voluntarily admit that he goes here-- he's already come by to accept a John Jay Award. He's the obvious choice, and we'd be lucky to have him.

    Barack's going to turn us down. Sorry. I'm sure it's not personal.

  6. Jim McGreevey

    The more obvious choice.

  7. we would have  

    had a chance at obama....but a certain class president forgot to invite him personally while he was on campus for service nation.

  8. no,

    they just need to be affiliated in some way with CC. eg: Meghan McCain being a student.

    Obama, Mike Mukasey, Julius Genachowski, the Todd, George Stephanopolous (former Salutatorian and 2003 speaker), Bob Kraft, David Stern, Ken Burns, David Patterson, Vampire weekend.

    Realistically, I think Stephanapolous, Patterson and VW would be achievable, and are fairly well known.

  9. ianc-b  

    it clearly should be paul auster.

  10. Esther Reed!

    Her story is amazing.

  11. CC '10  

    I hope that this year's class doesn't get Barack. That way, the class of 2010 can possibly have a chance at him next year. Besides, he's going to have such a mess on his plate during his first few months in office that I doubt he'll be making many class speeches.

  12. EAL  

    Warren Buffett

    Madeleine Albright

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg

    Senator Judd Gregg (R-NH)

    Tom Kean -co-chair of 9/11 Commission and former Jersey governor

    Mike Mukasey

    Brent Scowcroft

    Randy Lerner (yes, the son of Alfred Lerner)-owner of the Cleveland Browns and Aston Villa

    Claire Shipman-senior correspondent for ABC News

    And my personal favorite, Zombie Alexander Hamilton.

  13. also

    SEAS should get Vikram Pandit.

    Cue anger from humanities majors and crap about greed, etc etc.

    He has several Columbia degrees, was a professor, and serves as a trustee.

    • yeah...

      by next year, pandit's gonna be a hero or a goat. Today, it's leaning toward goat.

      • well

        considering Pundit has been a behind the ball failure who's greatest achievement has been selling high before the got the job, I don't think most people will feel he's being goated

        In any event, I'm not sure what bringing the flailing CEO of one of the worst investment banks in America (who were only saved because of their size and diversification) will tell us-though I guess he could give us a great speech on what not to do.

        Vampire Weekend is also hilariously bad. Can you imagine how retarded we'd have thought Georgetown was if they had Vertical Horizon as speakers?

        • FYI  

          - It's Pandit, not Pundit.

          - Citi's bad investments were made during Chuck Prince's tenure, for which he was fired. The write-downs and losses that are happening are not a reflection of Pandit's vision/strategy.

          - He was made CEO within the same year of his joining the firm, meaning he must have blown people away.

          - He is the CEO of Citigroup. Yes, THE Citigroup.

  14. Alum

    Obama just *might* consider speaking at the University-wide commencement ceremony (I'm sure Columbia would depart from the tradition of having its own president give the main address), but addressing only the College wouldn't be right. Even inviting him to speak at something less than the main event seems inappropriate.

  15. sev  

    Julia Stiles! Julia Stiles!

  16. warren buffett  

    should be acceptable both to econ majors and decent human beings

  17. TODD  


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