1. stoned slacker  

    two questions:

    A) What's the easiest econ seminar being offered this semester? Preferably one that doesn't involve math or problem sets or hard shit like that.
    B) What are the easiest barnard classes to take to get my GPA up?

  2. What?  

    Why are all the Barnard courses now mixed in with the Columbia courses? This is confusing and stupid.

  3. Anonymous

    See you suckers in grad school!

    Hahahaha, econ majors. How does it feel now that the shoe's on the other foot? Man, I feel so good about being an English major now. Shit is so cash.

    • hahaha  

      English major, enjoy spending your life trying to resolve your mounds of debt, with little or no job prospects (if you think Wall Street is competitive, try academia).

      I have a job offer and 'shit is so cash'. The shoe is by no means on the other foot; you are still at the bottom of the employment totem pole.

  4. stoned slacker  

    instead of turning this into another econ/engineer vrs. english major pissing match, can someone answer my fucking question?

    all im trying to do is smoke mad weed, fuck some barnard chicks, and ace some easy-ass classes, knowwhaimscreamin?

  5. And the...  

    english major gets to teach university writing and grade homework papers till the age of forty, when finally a post grad job is free. But by then the english major will have jumped out of the window and the only way to prove it is that the papers took longer to be graded

  6. yo everyone  

    shut the fuck up.

    everybody knows philosophy majors are the real losers here.

  7. porn star  

    now mine's an industry never stops thriving.

    • porn consumer  

      Actually, I'm surprised that people continue to pay money for porn. With so much available for free these days, who buys that shit? Now, the world's oldest profession, on the other hand, there's a defensive industry!

  8. hold up  

    hey hey kids! stop fighting!
    English majors can become teachers. There is really no need to rub it in to the econ kids though. This bad economy is affecting everyone in one way or another.
    Good luck seniors!

  9. stoned slacker  

    well, with no help from you motherfuckers, i finally found the best barnard class ever:

    CPLS BC 3120x or y Poetics of the Mouth

    Explores the imagery of eating, drinking, spitting, choking, sucking (and other unmentionables) in relation to insults and excessive behaviors.

  10. stoned slacker  

    is the best bwog commenter in a long time.

  11. totally unhelpful  

    based on the percentage of people that got As in classes I've taken, the easiest classes were:
    University Orchestra
    Frontiers of Science
    Music Humanities
    Contemporary Civilization.

    Hope this helps!

  12. biol 3033  

    intro to evolutionary biology

    take home midterm

    take home final

    nothing else.

  13. fuck you

    I resent the group of econ majors and engineers with a slash. See, as an engineer in the real world, I have a job. It pays money. I do things. I make things. I have a tangible and significant impact on people's lives. What the fuck do econ/english/philosophy/cocksucking majors do? Oh that's right, they suck cock. For free.

  14. Pacifist  

    Does anyone know where to find the bulletin with course descriptions, etc? The links from the College website lead to nothing, and the Directory of Courses doesn't give much in the way of description.

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