Today in Columbia Sports Victories: Water Polo

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Bwog pauses to congratulate the men’s water polo team, who came in 13th at the national championships in Athens, Ohio. In their final game, the Lions defeated Georgia Tech 7-5 in two overtimes, senior Sam Scioscia’s goal with 46 seconds left in the second overtime period providing the difference. Freshman Daniel Kirel scored three goals for Columbia, as the team finished as high as it ever has at the national championships.

In other sports news, the men’s and women’s cross country teams finished 3rd and 5th at NCAA regionals respectively, and women’s swimming added to their Friday night opening victory with a win over Yale. Men’s swimming lost to Yale to fall to 1-1, while the men’s and women’s basketball teams lost to Seton Hall and Delaware respectively.

Photo from the Collegiate Water Polo Association

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  1. bwog  

    you should have a sports section, like the hawk section. im not saying that i don't like the sports stuff on the main page, i actually love it, but it would be even better if there was a sports blog, on bwog, that had all the sports updates.

  2. oh, and  

    way to go Men's Water Polo...13th in the nation!!! fucking awesome, dudes!!

  3. also..  

    matt rowen is awesome...

  4. journalist

    Shouldn't there be something in this post that differentiates the club national championship from varsity championships?

    "13th in the nation" is a great accomplishment for the guys, but it's misleading nomenclature. Same for lacrosse last year. For sure if the clubs played against varsity teams sponsored by other schools they wouldn't have done so well...

    • fyi  

      no shit there is a difference. columbia doesn't give enough money to water polo for them to be varsity. Also, there are over 130 club teams in the country so 13th is pretty darn good. btw, matt rowen wasnt there but he is still awesome i guess

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