Free Food in Roone

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Bwog received word that there’s currently a “Manhattanville Expo” set up in Roone. It’s “a great time to ask all the questions you want,” said Adil Ahmed, CCSC VP of Policy. 

There’s also free food, specifically muffins, doughnuts, apples, juice and coffee. 

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  1. optimist  

    BUT...the first day of classes isn't until September 8th. Enjoy the warm weather days!

  2. optimist  

    whoops...wrong thread.

  3. some guy  

    For a campus with so many people who care about manhattanville there were very few people at this event
    Have people stopped caring or do they just assume that this sort of information session will just be Columbia's talking points?

  4. umm  

    well i certainly care about manhattanville and i didn't hear about this just now. maybe they should publicize these damn things better.

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