Hungarian and Flex: A Love Story (UPDATE: Nevermind, It’s Sip)

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Exciting good news! According to a University Senator, the Hungarian Pastry Shop Sip has signed up to accept your Flex points. Things should be up and running by the end of the term. Let’s all go here for next year’s “Study Day” and drink 24 hours worth of espresso.

UPDATE 11:35 AM: Sip was mistakenly identified as the Hungarian in an email to Bwog late last night. It’s actually Sip that’s signed up for Flex. Mea maxima culpa.


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  1. verification  

    sweet! too good to be true? who and what is your source?

  2. Floridian Food Lover  

    Sweet Joy! But as all things with Columbia, prepare for disappointment. I think this video encapsulates everything good (and bad) about what may happen with flex.

  3. YAY  

    No more wasting $3 at the ATM next door for cash (or wasting 10 minutes walking to your own ATM and back). WOOHOOOOOOOO!!!

  4. Hey Bwog!

    Any chance of telling us WHICH senator broke the story?

    Just wonderin...

  5. ummmmm  

    amazing, i love SIP. How do the senators know about this?

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