John Jay: It’s the Flavor of Love

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We’ve received several photos over the last half an hour of the now infamous John Jay Dinner Date. There are reports of a “table cloth, doilies, roses, and candles” currently being enjoyed by Columbia’s most romantic couple.

Faces have been hidden to protect the adorable.

UPDATE 7:28 PM: Our couple has given us permission to unmask their faces. Their identities will be revealed after the jump.

Why look, it’s Amber Ha and Daniel Gustche, both CC ’12!

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  1. sees through lies  

    ...they're ugly, aren't they, bwog.

  2. man,  

    and I thought a proposal was going down

  3. hmm  

    did they set it up themselves?

  4. aww  

    that's so cute! it's silly but cute.

  5. omg  

    thats sooooooo cute!

  6. shut up  

    cuz amber is so cute!

  7. awwww  

    Columbia can be cute sometimes

  8. dddd  

    Yes, they set it up themselves.

    She told me that 'he couldn't afford anything else'.

  9. haha  

    talk about cheap...hope he wasn't running low on meals too

  10. one  

    I bet you don't even have the balls to post your hideous picture on bwog.

  11. it's not  

    about the money, it's about the effort. You people are all tools.

  12. come on  

    people, it's nice. Just because we the guy decided not to go to some fancy restaurant does not mean that it's not a decent date.

  13. or atleast...  

    get john jay take out and set up a romantic dinner in your room. this is just weird.

  14. woooww...  

    well, i hope he swiped her in...

  15. ohhlala  

    dan is getting some as we speak

  16. you are all fools  

    This is just a cynical prank. You are giving it more attention than it deserves. They aren't on a real date. This is just some dada absurdist ploy.

  17. puhlease  

    freshman romances are crap, the guys are too young to realize they're not gay yet
    they'll be bored of each other in a week

  18. team asia  

    Amber looks so juicy....hope things went well....kekekeke

  19. cool  

    their honeymoon is going to be in casa italiana

  20. Clearly,  

    wayy too much effort for an asian girl for a white guy!

  21. Curious

    Knowing that they were going to hasve a date in John Jay, why did they have to dress up?

  22. Awwwwwwwwwwww!  


  23. omg adorable  

    all the people who are being bitches suck.

  24. amber!  

    you guys are the cutesttt!

  25. one time  

    when i was a freshman i got stoned and ate SO MUCH in John Jay. It was the equivalent of TWO WHOLE DINNERS. BUT I WAS SO HUNGRY I ATE THEM BOTH!!!!

  26. !!!  

    Points for originality and willingness to stand out. No points for attractiveness in this photo. Facebook stalking shortly.

  27. Silly Rabbit  

    im so damn lonely not even animal planet does it for me anymore.

  28. This  

    has gone from strange to stranger. Kind of a cute idea for the date. No clue how we went from a romantic dinner at John Jay to using Discovery as erotica, but I guess that's Columbia for ya.

  29. AHH  


    its so wrong its right.

  30. You know what

    I would have been pretty happy if a guy did this for me during my Freshman year. Way to go, Dan!

  31. OKAY.

    Can't people see that this is a cute, fun, inoffensive date? And also OBVIOUSLY tongue-in-cheek? No one actually thinks that John Jay is a swanky place to hit up for a nice meal. Kudos to them for having a sense of humor and making the best of limited campus dining options.

    And also, people who are complaining about their ugliness: not only is that absurd, but you're only making yourselves look more like the jaded, disenchanted, and snivelingly self-loathing. Calm down, and appreciate that people are making an effort to find a way out of the November doldrums.

  32. That!  

    So. Fricking. Cute.

  33. Really Nice

    This picture lifts my spirits in a completely non-sarcastic, genuine way. I wish I were that romantic.

  34. SEAS '09  

    I'm confused about the claims of their unattractiveness. The guy is clearly in great shape and handsome, and the girl, smoking. Both sharply-dressed. Why attack someone anonymously, in a forum you know they'll read? Cute date, guys.

  35. kekeke  

    comment #22 makes me laugh. but if you ask me, i'd say this is just boring and pretentious. ... ;)

  36. ugh  

    glad to know white guys with asian fetishes are tacky as hell. makes me feel better for not being "exotic" enough for guys at this school, even though i'm mixed.

  37. cute  

    kudos for having the guts! i would have never. much love

  38. ...  

    I think it's fantastic and ballsy. any girl that has a sense of humor to do something like this automatically scores better than all the people bitching about it anonymously

  39. I have a theory  

    that there is just one giant douchebag who writes all of the douchey comments on bwog, youtube, and all other realms of pathetic, anonymous, self-loathers the world-round.

    [... he is also obviously a mad scientist with the capacity to trick respective servers w/ multiple IDs, and an infinite number of variations on the "pwning n00bs", etc.]

  40. p.s.  

    cute/funny date - props to you, however it was intended

  41. siiigh

    i'm so jealous!!!

    also: they're both smokin'. lookin' good, my friends.

  42. cute  

    origiinal and sweet. obviously not a super serious date - just something fun! i knew a girl whose friends did a "candlelight dinner at mcdonalds" when they were in high school.. a bunch of them dressed up, got a tablecloth & plastic flowers, and went to mickey d's!

  43. facebook  

    according to facebook, daniel is married to another girl!!! i sense scandal

  44. i think  

    they're cute!! esp for columbia

  45. Team Fab  

    O-M-F-G this is soooooo sweet....i wish someone would to this for me!!! EEEEEEEEEEEE

  46. Much more Romantic

    Without the trays.

    Perhaps that was John Jay's ulterior motive in removing them?

  47. jaded senior  

    wow, you guys are ridiculous... not only are they both good-looking, but this is unbelievably sweet (and brave)! sorry columbia's sucked the joy out of you... we should be happy for them!

  48. aaaaa  

    an ugly white guy and a subpar asian girl. where have i seen something like that before? Oh, besides, ALL THE TIME. YELLOW FEVER.

  49. gahhhh  

    so obnxiously cute, i want!!!
    they are funny and adorable.

  50. nice date  

    , but mind the roaches

  51. AWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!  


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