Lost and Found: VingCard on the Loose

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Quick PSA: One of your classmates has lost her VingCard! The Card was last seen somewhere between John Jay and Schapiro. “I was in Hamilton for a class at 7:30, then walked to JJ’s Place, across in front of Butler, into Morton Williams, and back to Schapiro.”

If you have any information about the key’s whereabouts or if you yourself have lost something and would like us to help you find it, email [email protected] We’re happy to help you find your dearly departed items in your time of need.

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  1. Me too

    i lost my vingcard too-- 131036..i think that's the number

  2. this is why  

    you make a spare with a starbucks card and a hole puncher and keep your vingcard in a safe place in your room. if you lose your spare, you can go to hartley (or use another spare if you happened to have made two) and you'll never lose your original key.

  3. i found it  

    i'm going to try all the doors in schapiro until i find her room and steal her laptop

  4. ifreno  

    thanks for the tip, bwog!

  5. umm..  

    what a tool
    so many people loose their keys and don't turn it into a dumb Bwog PSA. just pay the fee and get a new one.

  6. Ving Rhames  

    Do I look like a bitch?

  7. random  

    I found it! What's it worth to you?

  8. FOUND  

    Hey I picked up the key this morning. I found it in the middle of the crossroad near Shapiro and gave it to the Shapiro security guard.
    this is for real by the way.

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