Mr. Sachs Goes to Washington

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Tipster Tadi Ciszak director our attention to sustainable development guru Jeffrey Sachs, professor to the stars, who made at cameo at today’s House Financial Services Panel regarding a possible bailout for automakers.

That’s Chrysler CEO Robert L. Nardelli in the front, who, along with other executives from G.M. and Ford testified on the Hill today.

Why is Jeffrey Sachs there? He’s a well-respected economist for sure, and was most likely brought in to offer his opinion. In fact, in another MSNBC video (after the jump), Sachs warns against letting the auto makers fail. We’ve been watching him for minutes, and at about 28 seconds in, he tussles his hair with boyish nonchalance, which seems to be some sort of window in his psyche. What else is he trying to tell us?


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  1. Jeffrey Sachs

    Im in ur haus
    eatin ur CEOz

  2. damn, bwog  

    is john madden running the show here now? that's like 3 yellow line things in one day!

  3. wow  

    nsnbc is full of idiots. i mean, im no sachs fan, but the other's can't put together a cogent argument!

  4. madden  

    "90 percent of the game is half mental"

    the other 10 percent is split between sachs and prezbo's hair

  5. tadi,  

    you graduated already, stop trolling around here, go find a job, and actually do something with your life

  6. I saw  

    Sachs' testimony on CNN. You should get on that

  7. hey bwog  

    why haven't you posted anything about the NROTC forum yet?

  8. sachs is a bully  

    this supposed scholar doesnt make arguments. he's just shaking his head and calling others bad names. fool

  9. tank oo bwog  

    this was a great piece. but where's the hair tussle? wrong link?

  10. hahaha  

    wow joe scarborough getting fired up! and i like sachs, but i mean sometimes his arguments are kind of underwhelming. you'd expect this brilliant economist to be a little more persuasive; i didn't think he was.

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