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dfdfasdfaDoes anyone actually know what anthropology is?

What does Evo love more: nationalization of oil or speaking at Columbia

Should GS deans be chosen in the same way as GS students–far too late?

Did you know that, like, East 116th is TOTALLY less gentrified than, like, Columbia?  I think she actually saw a poor person!

Can Columbia sports only win through not telling anyone about injuries to players?

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  1. How the FUCK

    could this idiot think E 116th is the "upper east side"?? wow, she needs to get out more often... gossip girl, gimme a fuckin break.

  2. Sprinkles

    Wow. Asian dentist tells Latina she might have a problem with her teeth that her dentist in Brazil didn't spot...OBVIOUSLY the dentist is looking down on her because she's Latina! The lack of logic is amazing. I wish people would stop seeing issues where they simply don't exist.

  3. wow

    the rich girl's burden is incredible

  4. what?  

    since when does brazil count as latin america?

  5. alum

    Does anyone else thing that Salz's column could have been ghostwritten by Kulawik?

  6. dude  

    that shit about E 116th was the stupidest thing I have ever read

  7. Wow

    The 116th street story was possibly the dumbest thing printed in the Spec this year. Congrats! Nothing like instantly crying racism because your Asian doctor says you might have a problem with your teeth. And what are you talking about no cabs? I live on E. 116th and there are indeed cabs over here.

  8. i wonder  

    i wonder how stupid people feel when they write such dumb shit that they think is profound and then get called out on it in bwog. this article's stupidity is on par with the one about the economic crisis being a good thing...

    • Sprinkles

      I'm not faulting Laura for writing the article. If she came to an epiphany, or learned more about an unfamiliar part of New York City, then good for her. But it makes my blood boil when people make baseless assumptions and go out of their way to find racism where it clearly doesn't exist. THAT is what seems more racist - assuming that if someone of a different background from you says something you don't like, they must be looking down on you because of where you're from. We're never going to get along as people if we do stuff like that.

  9. that and...  

    the article sucked.

  10. agreed  

    tragic, how could this girl get into columbia

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