A Reminder About Lerner Pub

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Seniors are invited to take comfort in the womblike warmth of Lerner’s basement for the third installment of this year’s Lerner Pub. 

It will be the classiest Lerner pub yet; featured drinks include red and white wine and Corona, with limes! 

Entertainment includes The Kitchen Cabinet, hard-rock band Raul, and, once again, everyone from your first-year dorm you’ve forgotten about.

11 PM til 1 AM.

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  1. 11pm  

    til 1 am. I assume. unless Lerner Pub really rocks.

  2. Alum  

    Lerner Pub is a waste. I wonder how long the wine will last? Did anyone say 1 glass per person?

  3. '09

    what? no vampire weekend?

    i'm not going.

  4. they  

    ran out of drinks at midnight. fucking pathetic. not giving any money to this damn school.

  5. stupid  

    student councils are good for nothing - ran out of the wine pretty quickly and there were crowds of people mobbing the beer counter. not donating to the senior fund that's for sure... why pay when our so-called student leaders are mismanaging our money anyway.

  6. actually  

    the drinks didnt run out until close to 1 a.m.

    somehow i think the crowds of beer mobbing the beer counter= lerner pub popularity, not senior fund mismanagement

  7. lol  

    Senior fund has nothing to do with the Student Councils. The Student Councils are incompetent because
    a) We elected incompetent people (eg: Mark Johnson)
    b) No one made a big deal of the fact that ESC is not a democracy

    • hey jackasses

      If you don't like the councils, do something about it - stop complaining and actually go up to them. Trust me, there are ppl in both councils that WILL fight for you.

      Just do it, dammit!

  8. i was  

    referring to mismanaging our student life fees... i feel no need to pay more money to this school when incompetent people are at the helm of organizing our school functions. When I was referring to the mismanagement of this event I was talking about the fact that they ran out of drinks before it ended - any leader who knows how to properly plan these things should be prepared to serve those that attend a heavily publicized event. And um... since when did the councils ever advocate for issues and policies that i care about - for example this whole NROTC farce which has been COMPLETELY mishandled on the part of the student councils.

    • I think  

      You should look into the way the policies work instead of blaming the council. Because of the drink limit we are only allowed to purchase a certain amount of alcohol. Wine and Corona ran out first because, surprise, people like Wine and Corona! If you came an hour late to an event that started at 11pm then it's your fault. Because of the way that university policy works Lerner Pub becomes much more of a pregame. I heard from a lot of people that all things considered last night was great. If you have any legitimate and constructive criticism send us an email ([email protected]), and we are happy to consider it. Deriding the senior council without giving us any suggestions is immature and all it shows is that you like to complain.

      That being said in the future we are looking into ways to get more booze, this is obviously something that drives us crazy too.

      • random  

        Change Columbia's policy. Isn't that what the student councils are there for? Oh wait, I forgot that prezbo's maid has more to say about University policy than the student council.

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