School Spirit, Televised

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Tipster Dhruv Vasishtha noticed a Columbia reunion of sorts at MTVu’s Woodie Awards–the very same Woodie awards that featured members of the CU debate team–as your favorite bands Vampire Weekend and Chromeo performed “The Kids Don’t Stand a Chance” together. It sounded a bit like Graceland but it felt like “Roar, Lion, Roar.”

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  1. FIRST!  

    this is fantastic! :)

  2. ...

    what would it take to make vampire weekend go away forever?

  3. ...

    BWOG, What do you think about the new "themes" options for gmail...

    it's a pretty snazzy... Some of the themes also change throughout the day depending on your location (you ahve to enter your zip code for those)

  4. vinyl  

    I hadn't heard Graceland in a while after seeing VW at Days on Campus and I put it on over the summer, and my mind was blown...

  5. why  

    Why do people listen to stupid shit like this. His voice is crap, the guitar sounds dumb, and they look like douches. I get it, you're ironic. Big fucking deal.

  6. cc09

    david macklovitch = coolest french teacher ever

  7. chromeo  

    is so much cooler than vampire weekend

  8. the bouncing people  

    make me happy. as much as i hate vampire weekend i can put it to rest to love on this one. minus ezra's face. it annoys me more than john mayer's

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