AltSpec: We Are All Diseased (Edition)

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This week, it’s all about the magic that happens at CUMC.  And some other things.

Harry Potter
would’ve turned out quite differently: a simple injection of testosterone cures “werewolf syndrome.”

Brilliantly, we connected an inability to concentrate to an inability to concentrate.

When it comes to detecting rather than curing, all Columbia can do is weigh in on the subject.  But, at least CU scientists agree that new technology is super-cool.

He mostly gave money to the Met Opera and such, but we were expecting money from him too.  And he wasn’t even hit by the financial crisis.

Personal empowerment meets Web 2.0.  CU’s going to help bring a bunch of moderately famous people together to discuss such delightful topics as “How To Build Transnational Social Movements Using New Technology.”

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  1. George Carlin  

    No, you're all diseased.

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