SwiftCurrent: Fall 2008

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The Current is back at it with their Fall issue.  We’ll save you time by getting to the good stuff.

A report card for PrezBo’s report card.

A giglio — or seven-story, five-ton papier-mâché statue — grows in Brooklyn.

Beijing: practically Columbia-esque in its bureaucratic character!

Roth, Foer and Chabon: different approaches to Jewishness and sexuality, and Jewish sexual identity.

A Moscow ChurchHop: Yushchenko vs. Putin!  Bishop Diomid of Chukotka vs. Alexy II! And miracles, of the Islamic and Christian varieties!


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  1. well

    1. Lilla believes that, for one, Great Books “are almost impervious to bad teaching.”

    Professor Lilla needs to get acquainted with more of the core section leaders then.

    2. To Lilla, this means that Great Books “depend less on teachers than on a chance spark falling from them onto a young mind ready for combustion.”

    That's great, assuming people actually critically read the books. Critically reading a book for Contemporary Civilization is one of the most mentally exhausting but rewarding experiences I've had. Of course, seeing as that took close to 5-10 hours per class at times, and that I was taking four other classes, it didn't happen very often. Long live spark notes...

    Other than that, the editorial is actually a very interesting critique. Maybe bwog could interview Roosevelt Montas for a reaction? I'd be really interested to read that.

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