Week in Review: Mostly ROTC and Flex

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Old themes came back to haunt us this week.  More of this, a little of that.

About ROTC: New posters arrived. Professors supported ROTC on campus; professors explained their support; professors opposed ROTC on campus. Plus, a forum!

About Flex: Bwog was pumped, we could charge our parents for Hungarian.  Oh no wait, we can charge them for Sip.  Oh but we’ll blow it all at Blue Java and Jay once our meal plan runs out anyway.

About the Rest: More finals-related stress next winter. More paralyzing choices in Gmail. More frostbite and icicles. More water polo victories.

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  1. v115??  

    from my friends facebook statii i am gleaning that varsity show cast is out. get on this!

  2. rotc survey  

    So um, how do they verify that we're students in the ROTC survey? And how many times can I submit it? Way to not make a confirmation page or a login student councils!

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