ROTC Survey In Your Inbox Now

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Some version of the ROTC survey has been emailed to you this morning by the CCSC, ESC and GSSC. The survey will be open until December 1 and the councils encourage you to “take your time” with it.

A link to the ‘yes’ or ‘no’ question “do you support bringing a Naval ROTC program to Columbia’s campus?” 

Each email contains an individualized link to the survey.

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  1. um...  

    you can't actually vote on that thing. each email has a unique link that is attached to people's unis.


  2. hooray!  

    I for one laud the survey if it allows for multiple votes, because it will keep the people who really care about the issue from annoying me for the next 7 days as they constantly refresh and revote

  3. Anonymous  


    Since the link is personalized, one person only has one vote. However, posting the link on the Bwog is like sharing your private email with others: there is nothing we can do about that. The only consequence is that someone else can overwrite your vote (whoever's link it is) as if he/she gets back to change the initial vote.

  4. Anonymous  

    also, you are not voting more than once. you can change your vote before the poll closes on December 1st, but its only counted once. so, if you vote 'yes', but then vote 'no' and do not change it, your final vote is 'no'.

  5. lol  

    How wonderful that only people who read these comments on Bwog will know about this. Most will labor under the impression that they have multiple votes, because the surveys seem to convey that.

    More competence from the Councils!

  6. apathy  

    Only "yes" or "no?" Where's the "I don't give a sh*t" option?

  7. the councils  

    did not make this survey... someone who works for Columbia did. not our choice on how it works, we asked for WIND authentication first

  8. well  

    You just don't vote? No shit?

    Also Bwog could you please start using captcha or something because the color field is a pain in the ass for us colorblinds.

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