QuickSpec: Almost There Edition

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Living in a thriving Democracy means having your NROTC vote stolen.

Native American Columbia students, voiceless no longer

Have you taken a gander at MARSLAC

Sing along: “Oh, who owns New York?”

Columbia on its way to discovering the cure to cancer.

Catch your first glimpse of the new permanent dean of the medical school — it’s no LandryView.

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  1. ugh

    poorly written quickspec. two "hints" and a dumb allusion to laundryview.

  2. :( rain :(  

    today sucks. rainy days suck. we should be off like Yale

  3. lolYal3  


  4. Real Estate  

    Interesting article. Not written as well as it could be though. Lots of references to community activists, but they get no play in the article itself (which actually results in a new and fresh angle, so maybe not a bad thing.)

    Also, you need some better definitions. "University housing properties are generally situated in concentric circles around the Morningside campus, with all undergraduate residential dorms except Schapiro adjacent to the center."

    Uh, Woodbridge? River? I'm also skeptical of calling McBain or Watt "adjacent" to campus. And Wien is adjacent to the Law School and 417 IAB. Whoop de doo.

  5. also  

    Good job Spec burying a correction of your "endowment falls" article below the fold. Thanks to you most people will assume the endowment fell.

    Of course, it's not entirely your fault since I'm pretty sure the yearly financial report never ever actually breaks out an "endowment" number for your to inspect (or at least identifies the number as such. Even in it's 'transparency' documents, Columbia is fucking opaque.)

  6. Anonymous  

    Well, we put the correction on the front page, rather than on page 2, so really we didn't bury the correction but rather tried to give it more play.

    And indeed, those numbers are complicated. We thought "investments" meant "endowment". Apologies.

  7. Heehee  

    You know, when I saw MARSLAC, I though "Mars Languages and Cultures." The reality was quite disappointing. I think Martians are woefully underrepresented on this campus!

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