Mass Transit Terror Threat

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Even more
awful terrorism-related news today, as the FBI has recently issued an alert that “al-Qaida suicide bombers were contemplating an attack on New York’s mass-transit systems during the holiday season.”

The would-be attacks are being described by law enforcement as “plausible, but unsubstantiated.”

No futher details have been made available, and no arrests have been made. Still, “Department of Homeland Security spokesman Russ Knocke said the warning was issued ‘out of an abundance of caution going into this holiday season.'”

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  1. aaargh!  

    damn you joe biden and your prescience!

  2. OR...  

    we can realize that we are STILL more likely to get hit by a drunk driver, slip on the ice, or countless other day to day things and go on with our lives.

    And we will still be careful, since we are all the time, aren't we?

    • great attitude

      "chances are it won't affect me, so w/e"

      This is messed up-- I hope it's not true

      • hey now  

        #2 has a good point. statistically speaking, you're much more likely to have one of those things happen than a terrorist attack.....

        but let's all pray nothing happens

        • no I disagree

          this isn't just about statistics and the number of peope who die on a given day. Attacking the NYC transit system has enormous geo-political consequences and it's guaranteed to mess with all of our lives.

        • the idea

          the idea that irregular events like terrorist attacks can somehow be modeled statistically in any significant away considering their punctuated and mass casualty tendencies is silly

          on top of that we DO keep an eye out on the road late at night for drunk drivers and DO watch our step on icy days so we don't fall

          to minimize what at the present is a tragic and horrifying threat, one which has been experienced in the city many of us live/study in, is pretty stupid--there's no need to panic crazily, but its still silly to minimize this type of thing

          then again, you get people like poster #10, who've jerked off to v for vendetta one to many times

          • #10

            never seen it, and i don't like girls.

            it's what the bush administration has been doing since since 9/11. unlike most people, I've read some of the 200+ executive orders he's implemented during his presidency. They are very unsettling.

            bush has essentially created a catchphrase out of the word 'terrorism', and pulls it out whenever he tries to implement another unpopular policy.

            I'm just saying: I feel safer riding in a subway car without a cop in kevlar carrying an ak-47 and billy club standing next to me.

  3. fuck it

    I'm taking the subway anyway.

  4. you know

    the thing is, what would substantiate these would-be attacks, an actual attack? you don't have to go through security to get into a subway. or the port authority, or penn station.

    i bet the couple in india whose wedding was interrupted by terrorist attacks today didn't think there was any chance of that happening. it's not alarmist, it's just... well, i don't even know.

  5. too much  

    alone on campus for thanksgiving, scared, and just want to go home :(

  6. argh

    it's an excuse to slowly implement a police state, is what it is.

  7. please

    take down comment number 12

  8. So...

    I was just told, because I confessed to being nervous over this threat, that I am obviously a racist who hates brown people.

    Uhh, no. How about I don't want to get blown up in a fucking underground tunnel beneath Penn Station, asshole?

  9. Also:

    "Got that: "plausible but unsubstantiated," "may have discussed attacking the subway system," "specific details to confirm that this plot has developed beyond aspirational planning," "attack could possibly be conducted," "it's plausible, but there's no evidence yet that it's in the process of being carried out."

  10. Fuckin A

    I hope they torture the fuck out of the bastards they captured in Mumbai. Fuck all of this cultural relativism bullshit. Time to set fire to some Minarets baby.

    • Get a grip!

      You're serious.."time to set fire to some minarets"? How are you going to go about doing that? Which terrorist group will you join? Al-Qaeda? They have carried out suicide bombings in many minarets. Shbaab? They desecrated Italian cultural sites a while ago.

      I understand you're mad. So are terrorists, but it is still unacceptable. Take your terrorist attitudes somewhere else. They have no place here.

    • Actually

      they killed most of them.

      It's funny how the worst in us comes out when we hear about potential threats. All of a sudden, we start sounding like fuckin Karl Rove. Obviously, it's important to ramp up security, without flagrantly stripping us of our civil liberties, but I agree with #2, all we (as civilians) can really do is take the normal precautions we always do.

      As a South Asian-American, I am deeply troubled by some of the racial profiling done since I'm almost positive that the average American can't tell an Indian from a Pakistani from an Afghan from a Muslim from a Hindu, etc, etc.

      • wait  

        but are you suggesting that racial profiling would be okay if average Americans did know the differences?

        • yes  

          I'm a brown Hindu Indian and I'm okay being searched a little extra if it reduces the likelihood of my being blown up.

          #20, I don't think its Rovian to torture the fuck out of the one known terrorist to get information about who did this. If they captured Mullah Mohammed Omar, I'm sure a majority of people would be okay kicking the shit out of him to get Osama's whereabouts. People who smile & laugh while shooting civilians down (as one eyewitness who was shot at reported) don't really deserve human rights, because they have clearly lost all their humanity.

          And #22, fuck you. Bwog, delete this troll.

      • LOL

        why did you include Hindus and Muslims in that list?


  11. disappointed  

    Shame on you bwog for not putting in a personal word about the Mumbai attacks beyond a hyperlink. many Columbia students were affected. more so than they were about a "plausible security threat." And for a second there I thought you guys were trying..

  12. well

    This country is going to shit with Obama in power.

    Especially with his pro-war cabinet. We're going to get attacked again, no question.

    Then there's going to be the race wars, the lack-of-food-war, the uprising against an unconstitutional Obamian-Bidenian government, etc., etc.

    Why do you think the American people are buying up guns in droves?

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