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New Hawkmadinebwog contributor Courtney Douds takes us on a vicarious five-minute hike across campus, satisfying the urge for a walk in the woods without requiring anyone to get too cold.

Most photographs of Hawkmadinejad depict more than just one fascinating species. For the arboreal enthusiasts whose interests have thus far been ignored, here is a map of the large trees on campus, species by species.

Hawkmadinejad is constantly spotted in the Honeylocusts at the end of Hamilton, Journalism, and the East side of Butler. Many species can only be found on the lawn in front of Philosophy, the only place on campus where you can find ten different trees at once. The enormous Sycamore in front of Mathematics is especially beautiful.

These trees were identified using the helpful but limited “New York City Trees: A Field Guide for the Metropolitan Area” available in Barnes & Noble. If you are a tree expert or have an educated guess as to the specific subspecies planted throughout campus (especially the lindens or the smaller trees directly in front of Butler), please let us know in the comments.

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  1. Carol

    Of all the trees that are in the wood, the Holly wears the crown!

  2. kjr2110

    Great idea! But I think some of these are a little off-- there are a few elms around campus, which is particularly interesting because Dutch Elm Disease wiped out most of the elms in the eastern U.S. It's hard to remember where they are, but check near Math, the ones cut down last year were elms.

  3. wow  

    *yawns*..... *nods off*

  4. Hmm...  

    I think this is pretty cool...

  5. did you know  

    Hawkma was eating a pigeon in the tree to the right of Lowe a couple weeks ago?! Literally picking at the dead bird body lying on a branch, feathers flying all over the place. It was beautiful and gross.

  6. w00t  

    e3b majors are hot

  7. hmm  

    this girl has too much time on her hands

  8. uh..  

    and a great friend you are...

  9. don't forget

    the dogwood blooms around Low?

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