Morningside Books is So Indie

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Look which local bookshop has made New York Magazine‘s recent quasi-advertorial article thing about how to be “independent”: it’s Morningside Books! Says New York:

The Crowd: Caters to the Upper West Side’s erudite collectors (with first editions from Jimmy Breslin, Updike, etc.) as well as cost-averse Columbia students (a wall’s worth of Penguin Classics).

Sample Find: A vintage 24-volume Charles Dickens set.

What’s Selling? Toni Morrison’s A Mercy. 2915 Broadway; 212-222-3350.

In other news, per New York, Sunday dinner is the new Sunday brunch. Act accordingly.

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  1. If this place  

    were on the west side of the street, what would it be called?

    Eveningside Books!

  2. Without reading  

    the link, because you can only afford 1 meal a day now?

  3. I hate  

    I hate this book store! They sell used book, at the cover price. What's the deal with that?

    Also, Morningside Books is in Morningside Heights, not on the Upper West Side. The Upper West Side Ends at 110th St. Keep your over-priced crap on the right side of Cathedral Parkway.

  4. st john the divine  

    reopened this weekend! a place to wander the neighborhood without getting too cold?

  5. Billy

    I went into this bookstore last week and walked straight back out: It's turned into the Duane Reade of UWS booksellers, and the end has to be nigh!

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