QuickSpec: Firsts (of the Month) Edition

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The Barnard Leadership Initiative becomes the Barnard Leadership Institute, results of this switch remain a little fuzzy

A new month, a new proposal for gender-blind housing

Wait, what grade inflation? That’s only in Cambridge, silly Spec!

Broadway and Amsterdam are different avenues, and different people frequent them.

The first of December heralds in finals season, holiday anticipation, and a 1,200-word epic poem by Columbia’s favorite Twelve, Stephan. Seriously.

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  1. editor screws editor

    is most of the spec site screwed up for anyone else?

  2. My Own Epic Poem:

    Why Do You Stay Speaking Spanish

    People always ask me why I stay speaking Spanish /
    Which is weird /
    Because I'm not /
    And I can't /

  3. lol  

    Anybody see the irony here:

    For being so separated by an abysmal distance
    Thus causing me to forget my roots
    And assimilate into a cultureless, flavorless group
    This is why I am constantly reminding myself
    That I am Latino

  4. "latino"  

    is an American homogenization of the cultures of a billion different countries. To quote GTA3, "Latin is a big place, buddy"

  5. I anticipated  

    more derisive comments on the poem. I am disappointed. Is that a haiku?

  6. XJE  

    Spanish is a language I know
    Pero no tan bueno
    Although it's
    Ningun problema para mi
    In that the two languages you see
    Sobre esta pagina ligado
    Hacen que tu cree que tengo algo interesante que decir (quando eso no es cierto)

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