The Sky Has A Sense of Humor

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God knows its finals season. This afternoon from around 2 PM to 6 PM, the juxtaposition of the moon, Venus and Jupiter will form a frowny face in the south-south-western sky.

Bwogger and astronomy-tipster Hans Hyttinen believes that optimal viewing time will be after the sun sets at 4:20 PM. Fiddle around with the stars and planets to get a better sense of this planetary optical illusion here, and read about yesterday’s heavenly smiley face, which proved rather feeble due to misalignment and weather problems.

Also: We want your sky portraiture! If you get a good shot of the sad face this afternoon, send it to

More photos after the jump.

Top two photos by Courtney Douds


Last two photos by HEH

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  1. say what?  

    the sun is setting at exactly 4:20? sounds like another way to procrastinate...

  2. Does...  

    ...Columbia have a glee club?

  3. EAL  

    Can I say that "Hans Hyttinen" is one of the coolest names ever? It sounds very appropriate for an astronomer for some reason.

  4. That's...  

    a pretty cool juxtaposition of the sad face just above Butler.

  5. i fucking  

    love the lamps outside of butler -- they look like something out of hogwarts ... that's not to say butler doesn't still suck of course, just that its got some aesthetic charms to it

  6. ianc-b  

    for a second i thought that i read "astronomy-hipster," and i felt so inadequate. i don't know why.

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