QuickSpec: Better Late than Never Edition

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If you were surprised to find a Bwog sans Quickspec this morning, have no fear for QuickSpec is here, as the Spectator was a tad delayed in updating their website today, maybe just because of all of the breaking NROTC hooplah on campus.

NROTC at Columbia.  Just like a coin-flip.

Healthy Aging Centers,” aging all too quickly, require a radical revamp.

Friends of Hillary friendly towards Obama Secretary of State choice.

Mailman School of Public Health delivers on AIDS research.

First there’s LionLink now there’s ArtsLink?

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  1. the difference

    is that ArtsLink is well funded and coming down from the highest levels of the University. LionLink arrived 8 years too late and was cobbled together in the basement of Hamilton. It's still a handy tool though. (Thanks CCIT!)

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