Hawkmadinejad Strikes Again!

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(Hi Gothamist!)

After spending much of the day on upper campus, Hawkmadinejad finally caught her lunch on the South Lawn. The catch was not quite so dramatic as the last time we saw her dine at Columbia, but the pictures are still pretty excellent. The creature was too small to be a squirrel, and hawkmadinebwog struggled to get a clear picture of her prey. Hawkmadinejad dropped some of the critter’s organs into the hedge below her. Help us identify the annihilated critter from its organs, or prophecy for us if you are a haruspex.

Plenty more pictures after the jump, and on Douds’ facebook page.

Birds preen to put all of their feathers in place before they take off. Here’s Hawkma grooming herself before hunting.

Hawkmadinejad looking absolutely fierce in front of Avery

She hunted around Philosophy and Earl for a while, making several narrow misses at the terrified squeaking squirrels. Finally, success on the South Lawn! Here she is gobbling down her prey. Check out her eating the intestines – like eating spaghetti without utensils.

Aforementioned pictures of organs:

Lastly, Hawkmadinejad daintily wiping her beak after her meal like the lady she is.

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  1. what kind  

    of camera was used for the close ups of her in the tree?

  2. Do hawks

    eat rats?
    The organs could be from a rat, I dunno

  3. ...........  

    isn't what she has in her beak in picture 5 a decapitated head? looks like a rat to me

  4. it would

    be nice if you focused on the organs instead of the background, so that you know, we could see what they are.

  5. yay!  

    Today was my first ever sighting of her on the scaffolding off the side of Butler. I was very happy.

  6. linked to  

    by gothamist. huzzah!

  7. Daniel

    Oh wow, I saw her in Central Park yesterday, right next to a wild turkey. If I was a bird-watcher I'd have a reason to be this giddy, but since I'm not, I'll just settle for being a cornball. Quite amazing.

  8. That avery pic  

    is sick.

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