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Tipsters report several cop cars and two ambulances in front of Wien and that two cops have rushed inside the building.

UPDATE 7:57 PM: Apparently a student was “unresponsive” to knocks at the door by Public Safety. Police and emergency services were called to remove the student from his dorm. Apparently calls were made to public safety regarding the welfare of the student, who was described by a ResLife staffer as “unwell.” The student is now at St. Luke’s.

UPDATE 8:06 PM: The student lives on the 9th floor.

UPDATE 9:23 PM: Bwog staffers have been in contact with the student in question throughout the incident and can assure you of his physical well-being. (Also, regarding issues of privacy: the student had requested that Bwog post these status updates.)



  1. Anonymous

    It's either a suicide, someone's been attacked, or someone's dealing drugs.

    My neighbor in Wien used to grow weed.

  2. it was a  

    kid with a jew fro and glasses.

    he fought off security but couldn't handle the irish cops in bullet proof vests. props to him anyway.

  3. ohh dear  

    WHAT? does anyone know what floor this was on?

  4. so...  

    the reslife he was "unwell" thing could be a coverup for what really happened?
    cue dramatic muuuuusssiiiicccc

  5. prediction  

    if he lives, soon they will release a statement saying that he had an epileptic fit...they did that 3 times with drug-induced behavior cases during my time at columbia.

  6. witness

    The cops tried to exorcise him.

  7. kent brockman  

    now we'll see what it would've been like if the cops had taken him down with a barrage of baseballs.

  8. shouldn't we

    be giving him some privacy?

  9. ...

    Bwog, is it really necessary to release what floor he was on? I mean, you guys should have some respect for the privacy of a kid who is clearly going through some tough times. Imagine if you or one of your friends was in such a situation; would you really want it to be broadcast across campus?

  10. yeah  

    I'm not sure the "9th floor" news merits an update on Bwog. I'd rather know if hes okay and if not, what happened.

  11. Obviously  

    Bwog and the hateful people that post on it have no interest in any person’s well-being. They only care to sensationalize and spread rumor or gossip. You should be ashamed of yourselves!

  12. Calm down Lame O's  

    Bwog is gossip not news

  13. i spy

    two incorrectly used words in the third update. i thought y'all were english majors.

    glad the kid is okay!

  14. The Watcher  

    ir was some crazy SHITTTT, like 20 cops, no joke, saw it from my window, there was even a detective type in a big overcoat. youve got to ask why would they use so many cops

    • Alum

      Police like to respond to some types of situations with overwhelming force. A subject who might lash out against one or two cops will often think twice before doing likewise to a platoon of them. Cops who don't feel threatened are calmer and are less likely to shoot the subject than cops who do.

  15. 9th floor res  

    there were WAY more than 2 cops... it was more like 15 or twenty. And all manner of police too: undercovers, bike cops, street cops, firemen, cops with vests and of course, good old public safety. It was quite the fiasco

  16. yeah man  

    i live there. it was 100% about weed. 100 percent. no seizures, no suicides.

    i wish we could solve petty marijuana issues without NYPD, though.

  17. huh

    this all seems rather strange.

  18. also  

    i'm 90% sure that it was a student who made the call to public safety in the first place. the RA was not even involved at all, props and respect to her.


    What the hippies, stoners and losers won't tell you: one puff can kill!

    Stay drug free.

  20. wait  

    How did I miss this? I live on the side that faced the Law School. What the hell?!
    we need more investigation Bwog!!

  21. Privacy Schmacy

    If I were in this situation it wouldn't matter to me who knew. I don't care about you all as much as you don't care about me.

  22. bwog....  

    as someone who knows this person, this is disgusting. i know he tipped the start of the incident but im not sure he wanted it to go into this kind of detail.

    • Well...  

      I don't think this post is your friend's biggest problem. It doesn't give his name, his room number, or any identifying information. The "detail" is only what other people witnessed and would have gossiped about anyway.

  23. hmm  

    well now I just wanna know who it is ... thanks a lot bwog

  24. ehh  

    I don't really give a shit who it is, but I do want to know what the cause of all this was, and I think we have a right to.

    Of course, ResLife will obviously try to cover the whole thing up.

  25. BUT.....

    Does anyone know what actually happened?

  26. Obviously...  

    the student is not well...why do you "have a right to" know what the problem is. It is none of your business.

  27. The guy  

    smoked weed, "harassed faculties and staff", hit cops, got 'cuffed, was sent to SL's psych ER. That's about it.

  28. rarara

    fuck privacy, let's get a name and some details

  29. respect....  

    do people have nothing better to do than pry into the unfortunate misdeeds of others? does bwog have nothing better to post on? and if you think that you have the right to know whats going on, then you're stupid. the knowledge of the goings on of someone's life is left with only those whom it regards directly and those whom that person wants to tell. get a life you bums.

    • alumnus

      If someone is going to live in a dormitory, his or her actions will eventually be observed by others. Communal housing isn't private, nor should there be an expectation of privacy.

      If you are going to behave in a manner that is disruptive to others, you will probably have people wondering what the fuss is all about. This isn't prying. It's human nature.

      And, yes, people do have a right to know what is going on when the cops enter their dorm building.

    • yup  

      yes to all of the above

  30. Computer  


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