Call for Closing Remarks

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Today — as you are all no doubt incredibly aware — is the last edition of your T/TH classes. This means all your T/TH professors will be saying hilarious, touching, inspiring and bizarre things to wrap up the semester.

As per our tradition, we want to know what your professors say as closing remarks! So, email transcriptions to [email protected] or just use the comment thread. 

Paul Kockelman, Intro to Language and Culture: “That’s what she said.”

Severin Fowles, Origins of Human Society: “Wait for the coming revolution, in whatever form it may take.”

Haroon Moghul, Intermediate Urdu:

“So over the break I want you guys to write a one page essay about yourselves. Use the vocabulary I’ve given you.” (the vocabulary has all come from medieval poetry)

Confused student: “So you want us to talk about frogs, parrots and magic?”

HM: “Listen I don’t care if you’re stoned when you write this, I love absurd stuff. But wait…don’t do drugs.”.



  1. What happens if  

    your grade changes after the semester's over?

    Your professor's re-marks!

  2. OK folks!

    See you Tuesday...

  3. Gypped  

    My professor didn't even show up.


  4. What do  

    call a political version of me?


  5. Babies!  

    Our Professor's wife just had twins. We got him a card and chocolates. He came 5 minutes late with more chocolate, 2 hours of sleep, and a declaration of postponing Locke until January. Everyone was giggling and "aw"ing and eating chocolate as he gave us a brief run down of the final exam and the names of his new children. Class lasted about 25 minutes. We still had to turn in our papers on moral obligation, but we're all staying on for next semester.

  6. ANTH 1007  

    Severin Fowles just ended his class "Origins of Human Society" by telling us to sign up for the sequel course "Rise of Civilization," which he subtitled "The Fall of Civility." He then told us to "wait for the coming revolution, in whatever form it may take."

    I was, have been, and will continue to think Sev is the dreamiest, most dashing guy in the world.

  7. wrong  

    paul kockelman did NOT say, "that's what she said". he said, "this could backfire" and this kid in the class said "that's what she said."

  8. um...  

    no, he said "that's what she said" before launching into a long discussion on the phrase and THEN said "this could backfire" before a kid in the class said "that's what she said." so you're wrong. k thx bye

  9. joshua cody

    music hum: "i may not even be teaching here after next semester...hopefully"

  10. Anonymous  

    Haroon is amazing.

  11. Nick Turro  

    He thought this student eval was amusing and shared it with us:
    “If I had just one hour left to live in my life, I would want to spend that last hour in Professor Turro’s General Chemistry lecture, because an hour in one of his lectures is like an eternity!"

  12. dan miron

    Dan Miron ended his class by telling his students that they could have turned in drafts of essays all along to resubmit for higher grades...Whoops! that must have slipped his mind during the semester!

  13. achille varzi  

    In symbolic logic- on not teaching logic next semester:

    There will be plenty of logic for those of you who fail misersably...and want to take more logic

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