College Walk: Ready for its Closeup

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college walkMaintenance was out early this morning prettying up the trees on College Walk, in preparation for everyone’s favorite holiday ritual: tree lighting! We know, the lights have been lit for like a week, but it’s really just an excuse for Dean Quigley to preside (for the last time!), hot chocolate to be consumed, and a capella groups to do their thing in the last shred of holiday cheer before you all recede into your bunkers for finals. 

Festivities begin at 6:00 pm, followed by the Lighting of the Yule Log in John Jay. 


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  1. psssssssst  

    the christmas lights havent been lit for a week...they've been put up, but haven't been turned on.

  2. fun fact  

    apparently free scarves at the event if you get there early enough

  3. in my room  

    it is raining. are people still there or did they move it inside?

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