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Holiday merrymakers braved the drizzle this evening to drink hot chocolate, listen to a capella, and bask in the warmth of Austin Quigley’s valedictory address. The departing dean – who said he was looking forward to teaching next semester – waxed eloquent about the meaning of holiday time as a period of renewal, and a time to be with family. He then ran through the list of illustrious figures who have come out of this august institution, beginning with John Jay, progressing through Mark Van Doren, and concluding with Attorney General-almost-designate Eric Holder (who drew faint applause). You, too, can join these figures in the firmament of Columbian alumni, he assured us!

And then, the traditional count down. Having seen Home Alone enough times, Bwog really expected something to blow up—or at least some sort of sound–but all that happened was a sudden brightening, and the singing resumed.

One more photo by Hans E Hyttinen after the jump.

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  1. Where...  

    ...was the Christmas music?

  2. correction  

    Actually, he ended with Barack Obama. Eric Holder was just before that.

  3. correction #2  

    it wasn't quigley who did the list of alumni, but that alumni guy who spoke before him

  4. Wait,  

    He was speaking into a plastic bag-covered mic? And I always thought it was an accent...

  5. CCSC  

    Bwog, can you please be more respectful to always include in the article the hosts of given events? While you are quick to apply the CCSC tag to politics and controversy, it is often forgotten as you cover our events. The Tree Lighting Ceremony was hosted by the CCSC Campus Life Committee. Thank you.

  6. Yule Log  

    Did you guys not cover yule log? It was wonderful!!!

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