QuickSpec: Rapaciousness Edition

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lionOh ye righteously indignant first-year, haven’t you learned that Columbia eats freshmen for breakfast?

Ghostly governing board’s got no flesh on its bones

Destroy that celery!

The dog-eat-dog world of Columbia a capella

Icy Hockey huntresses on the trail of a win

Plus: A lede so nice they printed it twice!

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  1. a lede so nice  

    they printed it twice in the first story too!

  2. Anonymous  

    at the risk of deceitfully undermining the wit of the last link, i went ahead and fixed the lede repetition. our bad, and thanks!

  3. That picture  

    is really not what I wanted to see while eating my breakfast this morning.

  4. Girl lion

    Columbia lion is a dude.

  5. That lion  

    reminds me of finals. And I am the zebra.

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