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It seems that the
Spec‘s website problems are not going away – Bwog kept getting “access denied.” Nevertheless, here’s what’s in today’s paper, with a little more explanation than usual.

Columbia University’s Global AIDS Campaign launches several outreach programs (p. 1)

Comparative Literature “Institute” looks for more resources (p. 1)

A cabbie says that, despite the recession, his line of work is doing just fine. Lucky. (p. 1)

What Columbia’s conservatives can learn from the Gipper (p. 4)

The editorial staff discovers that CubMail is outdated (p. 4)

Why the Ivy League needs a playoff system. In other words, common sense. (p. 7)



  1. inflatable penisgate  

    hollander's column will spark some outrage?

  2. Alum

    "Comparative Literature 'Institute' "

    Is Bwog laughing at someone *else's* inability to spell?

    "Hi, kettle? This is the pot. You're black."

  3. EAL  

    Hollander's article was fantastic! This is the kind of columnist we need at the Spec; not some sort of egomaniac like Kulawik or a bad writer with worse arguments like Salz.

  4. EAL  

    Make that *conservative columnist. There have certainly been worse columnists at Spec than Kulawik, namely Anthony Kelley and Chretien Tompkins.

    Hollander provided an excellent rebuttal to Kelley's column on "rage" last spring, and he did a great job with this one, running right after Lyubarsky's disgusting column on the military and Columbia. Here's to the "reasonably right" voice of wisdom.

  5. DHI  

    The goddamn BCS needs a playoff system, and the Big 12 needs a tiebreaker system. I don't know why anyone cares about playoff system for a conference that's won by non-Columbia shitty teams. (I didn't find see the article)

  6. DHI  

    Sorry, the Big 12 needs a BETTER tiebreaker system.

    Texas got screwed.

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