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So, seniors, it’s the last Friday before reading week. What to do, what to do? Well, Bwog has been encouraged to let you know that there is a Senior Pub Crawl tonight, starting at 10 p.m. at Bourbon Street (79th and Amsterdam). Arrangements have been made with bars running up Amsterdam (Bourbon St., 420, Dead Poet, Soldier McGee, George Keeley, and the Blue Donkey) so that you can imbibe the holiday spirit. Specials include 50¢ beer during the first hour. Bwog has been told that this is the first in a series of planned events, all for getting seniors the cheap and/or free alcohol they need. 

The full schedule’s on Facebook. CUID and proper 21+ get you the wristband you need for the night. Bwog looks forward to tomorrow’s Facebook detagging spree.

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  1. This "Covert"  

    Senior loves Bwog


  2. oh gosh bwog also  

    tonight is first friday: free booze!! seriously, cqa's first friday dance tonight will be free and there will be free alcohol for those with 2 ids... 10 pm in the partyspace...

  3. goddammit  

    Bwog. Now underclassmen will come

  4. Bwog,  

    Can you find out if we need to be at the first bar at 10pm to get a wristband? Because some of us seniors have essays due tomorrow and would like to join in on the fun at a later point in the night. Can you still get the wristband at the other bars later?

    Thank you for researching this for us.

    • sr. pub crawl do not have to be at the first bar to get a wristband. Whenever you arrive to the bar designated for whichever time frame, just ask the bouncer who to go for a wristband. There will be a bunch of us handing them out. But please try to come sometime before 1am. The bar schedule is online on the facebook page.


  5. Senior Underground  

    For those of us who are lazy...

    Bourbon St: 10-11
    420: 11-12
    Dead Poet: 12-12:30
    Soldier McGee: 12:30-1
    George Keeley: 1-1:30
    Blue Donkey: 1:30-3

  6. Also guys...

    Today is Repeal Day, when Prohibition ended.


  7. Hey Bwog... there a C.C. study guide circulating anywhere online? I know there was a really good one for Lit Hum...

  8. best senior night  

    so many seniors came out! and the drink specials rocked.

    major props to the organizers!

  9. Organizer  

    Glad you enjoyed it. We are going to attempt to have one of these every month next semester. Post any suggestions you have for neighborhoods or specific bars.


    Best Senior Nights

  10. really?  

    i thought it was awful. some of the bars were impossible to get into due to the crowds, and it was physically impossible to get to the bartender half the time.

    choosing larger bars would have been the solution.

  11. Yup  

    We can certainly agree with that. It was a tough call because we didn't expect a massive turnout and because we went with proximity to campus. Next time we are looking into larger bars and having the last few bars be more amenable to drunk dancing.

    I think awful is a little strong, at least we got a sizable chunk of seniors to all go to the 80s for the night...

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