Lost and Found: Cameras and Games Edition

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Two tragic tales of lost items to report this morning:

Says former 2010 ESC VP Lili Gu: “I lost a camera last night, and was hoping you could help me find it.  It’s a Canon Powershot SD400 (I think), has my name Public-Safety-engraved in cursive on one side, and was probably lost somewhere between Furnald and Butler at 3ish in the morning.  Recent pictures include some taken of two friends chest-bumping outside Furnald.  If anyone finds it, they will be thanked with baked goods and my everlasting gratitude.”

Says anonymous ironic board-game enthusiast: “My friend got me a cocktail chemistry set from Urban Outfitters for my birthday, and I left it in the Broadway Room in Lerner on Thursday.  No sign of it in Lerner.  It was in a clear bag and had an ornament and the program from the Yule Log Ceremony earlier that night.”

If you’ve seen these items, have information about there whereabouts, or if you yourself are holding them hostage, please contact [email protected]



  1. bwog  

    please stop malfunctioning. I have nothing to read without you. I LOSE my sense of purpose.

  2. What  

    do you call students helping their peers find their cameras?


  3. lili gu  

    is not ESC VP anymore for 2010

  4. Wait,  

    Someone actually took up Public Safety on the engraving...and it may actually come in use?!?!

  5. dear bwog  

    have you heard of Gloves I Found?

    it's a movement.

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