Meet Your New New Vampire Weekend

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Last night’s Postcrpyt show featured a breakout performance by a one Mr.Anthony Da Costa of Pleasantville, New York. According to eyewitnesses, Columbia’s next great folk-music lady-killer already has Postscrypters (men and women, actually) completely swooning.

Oh, and he’s only 17 years old. In a move that only heightened his adorableness, he brought along his dad, who videotaped the show. “His voice is like honey, he has a Harry Potter aesthetic, he hunches over when he plays the guitar and does this thing where mid-chorus he’ll just nudge up his glasses a touch,” said an audience member, mid-swoon.

Da Costa hopes to join Blake Lively and Jim Cramer’s daugher in the class of ’13, and Bwog’s heard that the people of Postcrypt are writing him an additional letter of recommendation.

But until your new crush arrives on campus, you can get your fill of Da Costa’s music on his MySpace. Or with this New York Times profile. Or his official website.

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  1. that  

    kid had some serious talent. what a great show!

  2. simply  

    amazing! i dont understand how someone his age can sing well about the things he does...

    one of the best acts we've ever had a postcrypt (saying a lot since jeff buckley, ani difranco, and suzanne vega have played here)

  3. nice, but...  

    tkc > this

  4. wow  

    just wow. this kid makes me feel worthless.

  5. me,

    The best band on campus is Life Sized Maps. By far. I think they're one Myspace page away from potential stardom...

  6. columbiatch  

    The kid is really nerdy looking, but I have to admit that he has a good voice

  7. ummm  

    i'm listening to him far he sounds exactly like damien rice, complete with spare acoustic guitar, cello, and female vocalist

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