Since We’ve Been Gone

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Oh hello! It’s good to be back home on the web again. (Though according to B&W layout editor Hans E Hyttinen, we never actually left “the internet.”) Bwog’s crack team of computer whiz kids point to something server-related as the cause of our spotty presence this weekend.

But no matter, said whiz-kids are working their tech magic as we speak and hopefully this should be the last of the downtime. 


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  1. i love the  

    dichotomy within bwog between gleefully techno-naive journalists on one side and the mysterious, hidden techno-savvy whiz kids on the other. Who really runs the show in this symbiotic relationship???

  2. Juli  

    Definitely the latter!

  3. bwog

    now is the time when i need you most. please don't leave me again.

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