Don’t You Dare Try to Poke Her

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Exciting news for fans of the Hawkmadinebwog: your winged hero is now on Facebook! United in Fear and Awe of Hawkmadinejad is our official hawk fansite, which you are all invited to join.

We’ll keep the group updated with pictures, videos, and lively discussion of all the terrible squirrel violence that’s happening right here, at Columbia! 

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  1. That hawkmadinejad  

    What a badass motherfucker...

  2. Bwog  

    have you confirmed that it's a she? I'm not so sure yet.

  3. DHI  

    It's confirmed that Hawkmadinejad is a hawk.

  4. And lo!  

    Just as the LORD was Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, so too was the multipartite Hawkmadinejad many holy hawks together.

  5. Watch Out  

    If you misspell His/Her/Its name again in the hyperlink, it may strike you down where you stand.

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