Moon People Have Landed on College Walk

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Here is their mothership and its adjoining, exploratory cruiser, which is a trusty gray van named “Microwave Satellite Technologies Inc.” 

Both satellite and van were abandoned, so the reasons for their visit are unknown.

Maybe Bollinger just wanted to get a really good picture for Pacquiao vs. De La Hoya.

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  1. just to educate

    the pacquiao/golden boy reference is about boxing for all you confused hipsters

  2. EAL  

    Boxing has gone to hell since Ali and Foreman retired.

    • true  

      but pacquaio proved yesterday that he is not only the best current p4p fighter today, but ranks up there as one of the best of all time.

      MAYWEATHER YOU'RE NEXT (after hatton probably)

      • yeah

        totally...beating a 35 year old boxer who lost 3 times out of his last 6 and was boxing about 10 lbs heavier than he probably should be (at this stage in his career) totally proves he's the best

        I'll wait till I see him clearly beat Marquez to say he's clearly the best. I'll agree that its hard to argue anyone else right now.

        As for beating PBF, don't make me laugh.

        And the only people who think boxing died after ali-forman either didn't play attention to the next two decades or is a UFC meathead.

    • yes well  

      good thing foreman retired, or i wouldnt be enjoying this juicy yet healthy burger that i made in only minutes!

  3. ...  

    it's a video uplink to china so prezbo can beg for more money...

  4. I think  

    that it's for an opera event in Miller- Opening night of La Scala simulcast? I think I saw something about that.

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