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In the midst of finals, inclement weather and many sugary holiday indulgences, a general regard for one’s physical appearance tends to decline. Although this time of year challenges the integrity of even the most savvy of style savants, here at Columbia, fashion perseveres. 

That said, Columbians are always a sensible set.  Given the current combination of bad weather, finals and the like, pragmatism reigns supreme on campus.  That’s right, fashion during finals upholds the golden rule: form fits function. 

So forget those suede stilettos. A recent stroll through Butler proves that right now comfort and durability comes in all shapes and form of footwear.  From snow boots to slippers, Bwog has seen it all.  If you want to get in on this trend, Bwog recommends the thick wool socks and boots look.  Or to maximize your Butler study comfort, tuck your favorite pair of warm booties or bedroom slippers in your backpack and break ’em out when you get to 209.  Don’t worry about decorum — everybody else is doing it too!

Bean boots are the new Uggs, but  far more sophisticated and practical. Plus, suede in the snow is simply a recipe for disaster.

Bean boots with high wool socks takes the hipster lumberjack look to a whole new level.

Pairing wool stockings with ’80s throwback leg-warmers is a creative alternative to your typical high boots and leggings uniform

Causal wool booties make any outfit ideal study garb, even a mini skirt

Norwegian knit slippers are Bwog’s favorite thing about winter.


Minimalist Norwegian sock slippers combine warmth and a winter wonderland appeal. 

Pink bedroom slippers are ideal for a Butler cigarette break or a trip down the hall


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  1. i love  

    tall boots! nice comfy tall boots are amazing.

  2. reference room  

    all these are hideous.

    • agree...  

      these things are hideous. *shivers* I think these girls should look in the mirror before leaving their dorms. And contrary to what Bwog insinuated there are still some on campus that give a damn of how they look like and wear adorable winter outfits. I love accessorizing :)

  3. why  

    why are all these girls? do guys not wear boots?

  4. hehe  

    I think i know mystery legs #3

  5. yay!  

    bean boots are the best! I've been wearing them since I was like 3, and have never been given proper credit!

  6. shame  

    shame on you bwog....encouraging this broad assault on femininity...and the institution of marriage....and on god!

  7. i'm  

    sure half of these are hipster dudes

  8. i would  

    hardly call those Norwegian socks minimalist..

  9. Rachel Zoe  

    would die if she saw these, and not in her usual good way. Bwog, there are SO many cute trends happening right now that still cope with the winter weather. WHY THIS?!?!

    • she's  

      clearly a psycho bitch. basically nobody who's really anybody in Hollywood likes her anymore, that's why she had to badger a network to give her a show- I mean, she threw a tantrum because she was turned away from a Marc Jacobs show.

  10. ????  

    rachel zoe??? seriously? are we still doing the olsen twin anorexic bum thing?

  11. These aren't  

    fashionable. In fact, I agree with other commenters that most are simply hideous. There boots pictured are terribly ugly, and Bean boots are simply terrible. I suggest that Bwog get out of the library for a bit, and maybe then it might realize that there are a great deal of people walking around wearing much more fashionable attire.

  12. duh.  

    bean boots are not "it" right now. lace-up, mid-calf riding boots are "it" right now. get with "it," bwog.

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