Week in Review: Categorical Edition

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Bwog has a penchant for corralling disparate topics under the umbrella of broad themes.  Here’s what happened this week.

NROTC continues to haunt us.  The survey came and went for Columbia and Barnard and everyone had a problem with it.  The GSSC President was politely disagreed with the outcome. And Bwog tried to decipher the results, past and present, but the Senate ignored it all anyway.

Student government had other things on its collective mind as well.  What to do, for example, about next winter’s “Study Day“?  And about ringing in the new semester with a real Presidential Inauguration?  The Student Governing Board handed out its annual lumps of coal, a University Senator resigned, and Bwog started the gossip for the upcoming CCSC elections, far, far in advance.

The laypeople of Columbia were busy as well.  PrezBo, after being accosted/punched-in-the-face  last week, was well enough to host this year’s third Fireside Chat.  He’s far too cool for Facebook, unlike the professors Bwog found while procrastinating.  Quaintly, Quigley Quickly Quashed his last light switch as CC Dean.  And there’s this potential Thirteen we’re actually excited about — Bwog was caught swooning in his presence.

When Hawkma‘s not around, there are plenty of other creatures to keep us on our frozen toes.  The first noticeable snowfall of the year (though it was gone by morning) resulted in the first snow-monster of the year, smiled down upon by the sky gods.  Tired of the cold and bemoaning next week’s stress, one creature hid in the Carman elevators and ate freshmen.



  1. Oh Bwog  

    too bad there are no journalistic standards for a gossip rag.

  2. bwog  

    has been unusually active this finals cycle...

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