Cornel West Comes to Columbia for Spring Semester

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Everyone’s favorite Harvard-ditching academic, (Jeffrey Sachs is like so 2002) Cornel West, will be co-teaching a class titled “Christianity and the Deepening U.S Crisis” at UTS next semester along with Gary Dorrien and Serene Jones.

The class will meet on Wednesdays from 5-7 PM, and, best of all, all the lectures will be open to the public. Huzzah!

Read the full course description and announcement from UTS after the jump.



Christianity and the Deepening U.S. Crisis

Cornel West, Gary Dorrien, Serene Jones

Union Theological Seminary

Wednesdays, 5:00-7:00 p.m.

UTS 02380

Course Description

As the world waits anxiously for news of the market’s every fluctuation, as artistic programs feel the purse strings of their funding begin to pull tight, as we watch global violence escalate in conflicts where religion seems to play a key role, as new poverty for some means an exponential increase in suffering for those who have always been on the underside of global prosperity, and as a new generation in North America begins to navigate waters swelling with the waves of new technology and greater human diversity – we feel ourselves caught in the web of a crisis whose origin is murky and whose voracious grasp covers all aspects of our common life. This course will attempt to describe the various edges and contours of the deepening U.S. crisis and to chart various Christian responses to it. In particular the course will ask: how could the resources of the U.S. progressive Christian tradition enable Christian responses to the current crisis? How can Christians think theologically about markets, globalization, and social justice? How do structural forces of oppression – sexism, racism, homophobia, classism – undergird the crisis we are facing and what constitutes Christian social witness in the face of these structural forces? What role do new media and new technologies play in crafting our sense of the common good and how can we understand these technologies theologically? Can we think systematically and theologically about a crisis with so many overlapping layers – economic, ecological, social, moral – and what core beliefs would Christians draw on to do so?

The course may be taken for credit by Master’s and Ph.D. students at Union Theological Seminary and students at Columbia University and other affiliates. In addition, all lectures will be open to the public. All lectures will be held at Union Theological Seminary, unless otherwise noted on the syllabus.

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  1. lol  

    that course sounds like typical nuanced humanities bullshit.

  2. Huh  

    I thought Cornel West was at Princeton, no?

  3. He was once...  

    at harvard and had a row with Larry Summers, so he "ditched" them and went to Princeton. But you're right he's there now (or was).

  4. cool  

    i'm very glad columbia decided to bail out Union back in the day...

  5. Alum

    Sounds like a good course. Hopefully it is contentious and real and not bullshitty and academic all the time.

  6. holy crap  

    this is amazing.

  7. Schama fan  

    Isn't Simon Schama the most notable acquisition from Harvard by Columbia?

  8. oooooohh

    So he's the crazy looking black guy I saw on princeton's website when I was applying

  9. Simon Schama  

    I'm notable, but Corn and Jeffy are even more notable.

  10. Fuck  

    Critical Reading Critical Writing lectures, I'm going to this!

  11. 333333333339  

    This is awesome.

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