How To Spend Your Final Night of Freedom

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Today, you attended your last classes of first semester. This week, you will take finals and write papers. Tonight, you will go outside. The city is your classroom and all that stuff! So shine up your fake Florida IDs and breathe a few hours of fresh, non-Butler air. it never hurt anyone. Columbia-related events are listed below, and off-campus events can be found after the jump.  

See XMAS! North by Northpole in Roone tonight. Shows at 7:30 PM and 11 PM. Free.

Go to the French Cultural Society’s Eurotrash party at Club 72 on 72nd and Columbus. $5 cover, 21+, techno music, French people.   

Bacchanal hosts: the 3 BANDitos End-of-Semester Fiesta tonight from 9 PM-midnight in Lerner Party Space with Kitchen Cabinet, Movie, and Raul. Free food and pinatas!  

The CSC and KSA host their Shanghai Seoul-themed Semi Formal tonight from 8 PM-10 PM in James Room, on the 4th floor of Barnard Hall. $15 at the TIC, $20 at the door. Afterparty at the Heights from 11 PM-4 AM (!) with drink specials. 18+ to get in, 21+ to drink. Facebook event here, buy tickets here


Monday night standup at Pete’s Candy Store in Williamsburg. (ever heard of it?!) 7:30 PM, 709 Lorimer Street near Richardson Street. Free.  

Wine tasting at Ribot, 48th and 3rd. ~$20. Your classiest option.

Study for your Post-45 Lit final, but in a different room than usual! Toni Morrison reads from her new novel, A Mercy, at the 92nd Street Y at 92nd and Lexington. Buy tickets here for $19. 

Partake in the ruckus of Wii Mondays at the downtown Village Pourhouse, at 11th and 3rd. Open bar on Bud Lite from 7-8 PM. $10. The most exercise you’ve gotten all semester. 

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  1. What?  

    Who has freedom tonight?

  2. RAUL  


  3. banditos  

    ran out of food in 10 minutes.... for a 3 hour event. wtf

  4. Scary Pre-Med  

    Yes, Columbians, go out and party tonight. Drink yourselves into oblivion and ignore the books, especially if you are in any of my classes. This is excellent. Lower the curve, intellectual plebeians! MUHAHAHA!

  5. here:

  6. hmmm  

    that picture shows the exact view from my downtown apartment. bwog, where did you get your picture from?

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