Last Call for Last Remarks

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Today is the day, Columbians! Today, you will go to your very last day of class ever this semester. (It feels as good to type that as it does to read!)

You may feel guilty for never going/doing your work when your professor expresses his or her gratitude for your heart-warming enthusiasm, or you may feel simply elated.

Either way, tell us how your professors feel. Send professors’ closing remarks to [email protected] or post in the comments thread. 


  1. looks like  

    ben stein's having a stroke

  2. ...  

    Does everyone have an exam sheet?

    -Valentini (Gen Chem)

  3. ugh  

    I hate how I have to do shit

  4. Bob Pollack

    "You all are a bunch of egg-laying Ivy League lizards!" - Bob Pollack, Frontiers of Science

  5. David Helfand

    just admitted that he and his beard were hedonists in Frontiers.

  6. Bob Pollack again  

    Let's not forget his precision takedown in the panel discussion this morning. I'll parahrase.

    Freshman: "The voters are idiots. how do we make their tiny minds understand the concepts of climate change.../needless elitism"

    Bob Pollacks (more or less what he said): "Speaking as an idiot, I think it would be highly ineffective to insult the intelligence of those you are trying to convince.

    Beautiful. Made this class worth it.

  7. Casey Blake  

    American Intellectual History: Looking to stragglers at the back "Please take a seat, it's always great to see new faces I haven't seen all semester."

  8. BWOG:  

    your link from the front page is wrong. you need to remove an extra 'r' from the end.

  9. not fair  

    what. i have class in a few hours. screw re-scheduled classes.

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