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CC ’09 Class Council Rep. Colin Felsman has notified Bwog that the much-anticipated voting website for CC ’09’s Class Day speaker has been online for the last few hours and may be found here.  So if you are a senior who wants to take a break from that 25-pager you’ve been “working” on in Butler all day, head to the newly launched site and exercise your finest of democratic priveleges, times eight. 

Seniors will be able to vote eight times for the candidates, and while you can technically vote eight times for the same person, the data will be checked by the council and counted as merely a single vote.  A final ranking of the speakers will be made public when the poll closes in a week.  Thankfully Joel Klein is not an option, but Bwog has its inklings on who we think might just take the cake this year.

Bwog wishes the seniors happy voting and reminds you that should you have any questions please email [email protected]

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  1. BWOG!  

    I love Colin, but he is not the CC 09 Prez. Unfortunately, it's Mark Johnson.

    Colin is a Rep.

  2. Hey...

    is that Jack Shepard in a CU robe??

  3. ah..

    they put it behind a WIND this time.
    Good job, techies.

  4. hmm

    There are only ~6 worthwhile people on the list. And even that's pushing it. I'm sure the person chosen out of the top 8 won't actually be one of those ~6 people.

  5. and who  

    pray tell would those six be?

  6. Anonymous

    Is Ben Stein still in the running?

    Anyone who thinks he might be funny because of his Bueller line should reconsider... he's a propaganda whore and a terrible human being. His documentary "Expelled" basically equates Darwinism with Nazism- an argument so flawed and poorly demonstrated I hope he never reproduces for the sake of humankind.

  7. Ben Stein  

    asked for too much when past classes invited him. From what I was told this included speaker's fees, money for classy hotel, and first class travel, etc. He wasn't really that motivated to come back to speak at his Alma Mater. Maybe he just needed the money?

  8. obama  

    i put him down four times

  9. ok  

    clearly adil likes the cock

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