Out With the Old, In With the News

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Gather ye rosebuds Columbia, it’s time to wish a fond farewell to the 132nd Executive Board of the Columbia Daily Spectator

Bwog offers a hearty congratulations to outgoing Editor in Chief Tom Faure, Publisher Manal Alam, Managing Editor Amanda Sebba and the entirety of their staffs for all the fine work they’ve done this year. We here at Bwog have enjoyed all of our mornings together.

The new residents of Spec‘s upper echelon, courtesy of Faure, are after the jump.


Editor in Chief – Melissa Repko

Managing Editor – Elizabeth Simins

Publisher – Julia Feldberg


Eye Editor – Thomas Rhiel

Eye Managing Editor, Features – Melanie Jones

Eye Managing Editor, A&E – Hillary Busis

News Editor – Joy Resmovits and Betsy Morais

Online Editor – Lara Chelak and Ryan Bubinski

Photo Editor – Angela Radulescu

Head Copy Editor – Dino Grandoni

Production Editor – Ben Cotton and Yipeng Huang

Opinion Editor – Sheri Pan

A&E Editor – Julia Halperin

Sales Director – Gizem Orbey

Finance Director – Akhil Mehta

Alumni  Director – Christina Patterson

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  1. asdf  

    no sports editors?

  2. oof  

    This list is depressing.

  3. spec-tacular  

    woo hoo Repko/Simins '09!!!

  4. Anonymous  

    love melissa repko...congrats!!

  5. Wow  

    The top three positions are all held by women. I can't remember the last time that's happened.

  6. Long live the king!  

    KING TOM FAURE!!!!!!

  7. bartmart

    sheripan i love you!

  8. awesome!  

    Betsy is the coolest person ever. The City News section is going to be SO GOOD!

  9. Hmm  

    This has been a weird year. The Spec is a lot thinner and Bwog has been less interesting. Less news to report? Fewer journalists? Less interest in journalism as an extracurricular? I don't know.

  10. the eye

    will rule next year!



  12. tomanda  

    king tom faure and queen amanda sebba! four more years!!!

  13. melissa repko  

    is very mean. i fear all those who work for her now.

  14. HALP  

    can anyone else not stream videos on Hulu right now?
    it seems like a campus wide problem
    all internet is going really slow

    this is absurd

    i guess everyone on campus is probably watching videos because its reading week

  15. yeah

    Tom Faure was awesome.

  16. spec staffer  

    amanda sebba was the best me ever

    she is the reason i stayed on spec

  17. what does  

    the ME do on Spec? Or ME's in general?

  18. speccie  

    The ME is responsible for basically putting the paper together. she takes care of the page-by-page every night, she runs doping meetings, etc. she is the EIC's go-to-girl, and she is generally getting her hands dirty.

    that said, where the fuck is haley vech on this list? not too hard to imagine elizabeth got picked though, what with speccest and all.

    haley rocks. this makes me sad.

  19. question  

    Will there be any new Spec editions before the end of the semester? Like a semester in review even? Or are we done?

  20. Tom  

    We're done. Year in review after Spring semester. Check for web updates over winter break.

    This isn't the first all-female trio in Spec history but the first in 10 years.

  21. and

    Both news editors are female too, so yeah, basically all ladies running things this year.

    And wonderful ones at that - so many great people on this list! Good luck guys!

  22. wow  

    speccest gets you far...

    seriously, will anyone respect her?

    • haha

      Hm, that's a remarkably stupid comment. If anything, having a romantic history with someone on the turkey shoot board hurts you as candidate, because it drives the other people in the room -- who, btw, make these decisions collectively -- to be especially skeptical of your qualifications or any praise heaped on you. Turkey shoots past are littered with examples of this.

      I know Melissa and Liz. They're both exceptionally hardworking, accomplished, and qualified for their jobs. They've earned the respect of their peers. So pls: stfu.

      • former speccie  

        while they have earned the respect of their peers, do they have the respect of their board/staff as a whole?
        their peers don't have to deal with them next year, but there are many members of the staff that don't respect either of them based off of many things including attitude and speccest...
        this upcoming board looks awesome for the most part though...good luck next year

        p.s. amanda erickson was the best ME ever

    • spec newsie  

      Seconded, #28. Elizabeth is awesome and will do a wonderful job as ME.

  23. spec meeting info

    rumor that sports is going online exclusively next year to cut production costs.

  24. Sadia  

    Speccest does not get you far. BELIEVE ME.

    She got this because she deserved it.

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