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A while ago, we reported the development and implementation of, a new way to rate and search for classes.  But have no fear, traditionalists!  CULPA, the original professor-rating site, has come into the 21st Century with a new and spiffy website that might actually work when you need it!  Bwog is giving you a brief tour of the site for quick acclimation.


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  1. html  

    good lord that is an ugly website. and not good ugly either.

  2. impressed  

    I checked it out-- it's actually pretty good! good job culpa webmasters. I can't believe some form of technology in Columbia will actually function successfully. Miracles!

  3. why don't  

    more students post to that site?

    It's pretty culpa-cated!

  4. 21st century?  

    They've now moved from 1990 design to 1999 design!
    I still prefer, mainly for the schedule builder. I won't go back to culpa till they can do that.

  5. CC '09  

    Hot damn, 16,000 reviews?!?

  6. cc '09  

    i personally don't care what anyone else says... i have had SO many good classes because of CULPA. i love it!

  7. good job

    wow. good job. this is actually very well organized. and having already graduated, i can honestly say that culpa's responsible for at least part of my very high gpa.

    • good for you!  

      glad to see that someone uses CULPA for the only real purpose that it serves: to find the easiest classes with the least amount of work!

      Seriously, if you were at all interested in learning something substantial, you would be able to find good classes to take by yourself.

  8. lmx  

    Hopefully this newer design and press about CULPA leads more Columbia students to review their professors. A lot of people don't take the time to review their professors and help their classmates out. Please continue to review!!!

  9. mccain  

    there's been too much change this year.

  10. easy  

    No objections to trashing those who want easy classes, but there are some truly awful teachers at Columbia that should be avoided at all costs. I just wish more people in engineering would post reviews.

  11. Hey CULPA  

    Pls read this comment.

    I notice that you have removed, under each review, the vote that asks "how many people find this review useful" & "how many people find this review useful". Please bring them back! That is what I use to gauge the credibility of a review.

  12. Well, freshman,  

    I can tell you that few people thus far have tried to 'rig' the culpa voting. that is pointless sabotage. However, I could be wrong; maybe your class will be the first.

    Having spent 3.5 years here already, I will say that those stats have been very reliable in predicting the accuracy of a culpa review.

  13. some antics  

    very nice markup.

  14. ...  

    it should ask for an email address when a review is submitted, then spam everyone a few weeks before class selection season.

    it would be really nice to have reviews for new professors/gsis whom have a first class in progress and an upcoming section in the spring.

    that said, the culpa guys and the columbia classes guys should work together. having two competing review databases is a disservice to everyone.

  15. word  

    bring back "how many agree"

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