2013 Early Decision Applicants Finding Out…NOW

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According to the wonderfully neurotic obsessives over on College Confidential, today’s the day for Early Decision acceptances. If you thought your week was going badly, Bwog recommends stepping over for some healthy schadenfreude.

The not-so-coveted “First Facebook Group” award goes to the members of the Undergraduate Recruitment Committee, who took advantage of already being at Columbia to create their own group.

Bwog says good luck to all those who are waiting, and congrats to all those who will be reading us in the fall. Bwog’s first piece of advice to 13s? Do not post on your new Facebook groups – it will invariably be embarassing.


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  1. yeah wtf bwog  

    I don't want to hear about the class that will be replacing mine, especially since they are born in 1991/1992. Fucking weird.

  2. bwog...  

    the link to whatever was embarrassing for the terrible '12s doesn't work...

  3. 2011  

    Wheres the CC study guide promised?

  4. So,  

    What's their name? Lucky Thirteens? Turd Thirteens?

  5. I am  

    so old and so tired. And I am only 21.

    • But think  

      of how happy you were when you were admitted! How much better of a day that was than today.

      Unless it was April 1st, and you applied to Yarvadton as well and Columbia was the only one you got into . . .

      ED FTW!

  6. 2010  

    i feel the terrible weight of time bearing down on me.

  7. Eh?  

    I don't think people who were not even alive for all of VH1's "I Love the 90's" should be allowed in college yet.

  8. bwog:  

    check your spelling

  9. '08 Alum

    AWW That makes me feel sentimental!

  10. CC '09  

    this makes me so sad... ugh, i'm old.

  11. Prospective '13

    I like the ring of Unlucky '13. Also, may the people who scurry around College Confidential die in a long and painful manner. Let me be the first to give the obligatory "We're all not that bad" message before some gems are posted on the appropriate Facebook groups.

    • Welcome!!  

      Don't be dismayed by all the bitterness. It's finals time, and thus no one's emotional state is at all indicative of what it's like to be here all the time.

      I still think this is a great place. Congratulations, and try not to gloat too much to your non-ED friends!

      • Prospective '13

        While it would have been great if I were accepted ED anywhere, I couldn't set my heart on just one school (and no, I'm not applying to Yarvadton as well).

        Besides, half the reason why I decided to apply to Columbia was because of the smarmy bitterness.

  12. 09er  

    yeah. geez. what a downer.

    I'm tired. and jaded. and also unsure whether this school has changed me for the best, or worst.

  13. cc 09  

    These kids were all born in the 90s?!


  14. life at columbia  

    is full of pain and suffering.

    but it's like totes best school ever

  15. Anybody  

    know how many ED applicants we got this years? I've heard some pretty insane numbers at some other schools (up 50% at weslyean)

  16. hmmm

    Can we please make Yarvadton an official phrase?

    It kinda reminds me of an Aardvark, which makes me think of Arthur, which is a lot cooler than HYP which for some reason makes me think of failed health insurance conglomerates.

  17. Oops  

    should be Yalvardton. Although HYP would be even better if, to really get the point across, it were written out HYPe.

  18. 09er  

    i mean, we were born in the VERY late 80s, less than 4 years before the 90s, dumb to get all freaked out over.

  19. Another 09er  

    I was born during the Reagan administration, and I'm very proud of that!

  20. they were born  

    during Clinton. Nice, but fucking weird.

  21. hey future froshies  

    DON'T POST ON ANY FACEBOOK GROUP. you will regret it

  22. I will be

    re-born during the Obama administration.

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