Bwog’s Extremely Scientific Approval Ratings: CCSC

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The four undergraduate councils are halfway through their regimes, and Bwog thought that the best way to celebrate that would be by giving students a chance to sound off. With that, Bwog introduces its “Extremely Scientific Approval Ratings.” In the tradition of our exit polls, we want to know:

Do you approve of the job that the CCSC has done this semester?

Use the commenter name to share your school and class year, and the comment for your answer and any explanations. Approval ratings for ESC, GSSC, and SGA will be added over the next few days.

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  1. CC '10  

    No. Robyn is still an incompetent bitch.

  2. CC'09

    No. I really don't think an explanation is necessary.

    Though, bwog, I must admit that this post is an example of how lazy you guys must be getting during finals... Usually you guys try to "report" on CCSC giving council kids the feeling that their work is important to veil your true intention of creating a comment thread bashing council... You guys are now just trying to cut straight to the heart of the matter... I don't blame you, I'm sure you kids have finals to study for

  3. ugh  

    yes, they have been extremely effective at being extremely noisy and visible while mishandling the use of their limited power to actually accomplish anything

    basically executing their office to a t

  4. cc'09  

    no. They are not doing anythign they promised during their campaign, or and focussing on things the majority of students don't particularly care about (rotc, student groups, etc).

  5. cc'10  


    As #4 pointed out, they have done nothing they said they would. If you check out the website they all still put in their signatures (, they haven't really kept any of the promises they said they would (surprise, surprise).

    Like the portal they kept talking about? Where is that? Haven't heard much about that one...

    Not saying the other guys would have been much better, but I don't approve of CCSC as of now.

  6. cc 09  

    NO. all i really want are funny emails from george, and there haven't been many of those. the more funny emails he sends, the more approval he gets from me! ccsc will always be useless.

  7. Bwog,  

    this is such a bad idea...

    All it is will be a forum for bitching. We all know the councils suck. Why add fuel to the fire?

  8. cc '10  

    I don't ever expect anything from CCSC or student government of any kind. Quite frankly, people who think this is any different than the popularity contests that were middle and high school student council elections are really slow on the uptake. Every year, the student council promised to change the dress code. Did it ever change? No. And if it did, it wasn't because of anything they did.

    Student government is a waste of time and we should stop paying attention to it at all and let those resume padding attention whores find something else to do.

    Sorry I'm bitter - it's finals time.

  9. senior  

    Just to clarify, CCSC is a council, not a government. And no, they don't do anything even though they have a $70,000 surplus.

  10. GS 10  

    Yes. GSSC has rebounded nicely from last year's many embarrassments, and their failure to fuck up in a visible way is reason enough for approval...

  11. CC '10

    what does CCSC even do?

  12. random  

    Woah, woah...we still have a student council? I thought the Emperor, err...Prezbo disbanded it.

  13. dear bwog,  

    i love you for posting this during the most bitter time of the year! fuck ccsc! bring on the hate!

  14. CC '11  

    I approve of Bwog less than I approve of CCSC.

    CCSC has made some relevant, positive changes that you chose not to report on. Then you set up a forum to evaluate CCSC when you haven't even attempted to accomplish your job of informing the student body about relevant changes in student life.

    CCSC: Okay
    BWOG: A waste of my time.

    • CC '09  

      I've also noticed a dramatic decrease in the quality of Bwog reports on CCSC this year.

      In the past there used to be lengthy recaps of meetings that included both "juicy" gossip and policy work. This year it's generally a few lines that don't say much. Maybe it's the council, but maybe it's partially the lack of solid reporting by bwog?

  15. What do you call...  

    A CCSC member with a low approval rating?


  16. hmm  

    I think the bottom line is that ccsc attracts a certain kind of person

    the kind that puts recognition and the need to be involved in something over substance or actually getting anything done

    these absurd platforms aren't things that the ccsc'ers want, and they're not what the student population wants

    as for the legitimate bullet points, these people have to know that they don't have that kind of power - if they don't they're naive, if they do they're misleading

    can we please rename ccsc appropriately, like, to 'student event planning committee'

  17. cc '10

    no. the shit they plan is LAME. the food is LAME. their dances and semiformals are so fucking lame i cannot believe anyone would ever go to them, and they have done nothing helpful or interesting and i hate their stupid shitty emails which clog my inbox. FUCK ALLA YA'LLZZ

  18. lol  

    #18 and #20 are clearly current or former CCSC members. Seriously.

    • agreed  

      Commenters 18 and 27, and possibly 20 are probably CCSC members. Why try to stifle the democratic process by dismissing your critics "bitchy and tired... and stupid and unprofessional"? Bwog is simply soliciting the opinion of CCSC's constituents... if anything CCSC should be taking a page from bwog and asking for student feedback on their performance.

      And you know what, I am somebody who reads bwog's policy reports from CCSC meetings and campaigns. I'd much rather read these than George Krebs' long-winded, bullshit emails. I consider myself a pretty informed observer and I agree with the general sentiment that CCSC does shit. Hey CCSC, the way to boost your approval ratings is to actually do things that are of relevance to students - and not spend your time monitoring the bwog and dissing CONSTITUENTS who disagree with you.

      • you do  

        realize that the point of one of those "rogue ccsc" posters was that the bwog CCSC posts don't actually cover the meetings but just random gossip?

        • yeah  

          I do, asshole. What part of my comment refers to bwog posts based on hearsay? I appreciate bwog for its coverage of ccsc's meetings and campaigns. Why don't *you* go back and read my comment, so you understand the point that i'm making instead of inferring stupid shit?

          Also, I'm assuming that you're not a regular reader of bwog- bwog does in fact, post comprehensive summaries of CCSC meetings. They assign reporters to that beat. Furthermore, news that you may consider "random gossip" give some of us lay people valuable insight into how CCSC operates. Now I'm not stupid enough to take these reports at face value, but I do think they reveal a lack of transparency that needs to be rectified on CCSC's part. It's sad that people have to refer to this gossip in order to truly understand what's going on.

          • for the record  

            Bwog has reported on 5 CCSC meetings this year.

            There have been 13 at-large CCSC meetings.

            I think it's great that you're a regular BWOG reader and want to stay informed, but the fact of the matter is that BWOG does not cover CCSC meetings as much as one would think.

          • ...

            Oh dear god, is it bwog's official duty to be CCSC's megaphone?

            Stop being so whiny and defensive. It's your attitude that results in almost ALL of these posts being so negative. Do you think if bwog reported on the other 8 of the meetings, that magically everyone complaining would change their mind?

            If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen. You chose to run for a position so get used to having people criticise you. It comes with the territory.

  19. Sue Yang  

    is terribly incompetent and a bitch. She and CCSC are well-matched bedfellows.

  20. Bwog  

    I think we should criticize Bwog for allowing this discussion to take place. First off, I'm not on CCSC neither am I a fan, but I think setting a forum up like this during finals, when people are bitchy and tired, is just stupid and unprofessional.

  21. LOL  

    and from my prime example of not even writing a detailed and normal sentence, this is not a good time to create a forum. what i mean stupid is that what people are say are not really indicative of the opinions of the student population.

  22. CC 2011  


    Student council has done nothing important, and never will do nothing important.

    They're all a bunch of tools.

  23. transparency  

    here is a link to all the meeting minutes, for those of you who wish ccsc was more transparent

    • ccsc suxxx  

      i highly recommend that all ccsc detractors read through these minutes, as it will confirm all of your suspicions.
      a choice quote:
      "The councils’ goal has been to be transparent and even if that first meeting wasn’t so transparent, the point of having it was so that all future meetings would be transparent and open to all. All CCSC members should try to attend the forums. In a future meeting, CCSC needs to address transparency as it relates to everything we do."


  24. In Conclusion  

    Everyone hates everything.

  25. wait  

    we have student government? whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

  26. ccsc suxxx  

    i would just like to point out that even the ccsc partisans, in pointing out the bwog doesn't cover all the great shit they do, haven't been able to cite a concrete example of said shit.
    yes, shit.
    as in oh shit i should not be posting on bwog right now.

  27. bwog didn't cover  

    three resolutions CCSC passed about the housing lottery. instead they made fun of george krebs
    but, if you were wondering, they were

    1. adding a sophomore/junior regroup
    2. removing the same room/same suite option
    3. getting rid of exclusion suites, instead counting point values of all members

    wish bwog told you that don't ya?

    • whatever  

      fuck those housing reforms, they dont mean shit to me!

    • are they  

      really that smart to have thought of "housing reforms 1-3" all by themselves? or is it far more likely that they were coming out of the brains of someone who is wise enough not to be on student council?

      plus, i'm 99% sure that CCSC shot down getting rid of XC suites.

      it's disgusting that ccsc should try to take credit for these "housing reforms"

  28. it was  

    the student services reps in conjunction with columbia housing that came up with those housing reforms

    and ESC didn't pass the exclusion suite resolution, but CCSC did. so housing isn't sure now if they are going to keep them or not

  29. jeez  

    columbia is such an angry place. where is the love?

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