The Night Sky Provides Another Treat

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Looking for a reason to get some fresh (cold) air tonight? According to Bwog jack-of-all-trades Jon Hill, tonight’s moon is in fact as large and bright as it will be in the next 15 years. NASA has estimated that the moon will be 14% bigger and 30% brighter than other full moons this year.

The phenomenon is the result of the full moon coinciding with the near-end of the moon’s elliptical orbit. And in case you were wondering, Fox News wants to assure you that “there is no proof the full moon makes people crazy.” There goes Bwog’s exam excuse.

Bwog’s Hawkmadinebwog editor Courtney Douds and Bwogger Sean Zimmerman did their best to get pictures (more high res photos after the jump), but we’d love to see your best images – send them in to [email protected]

UPDATE 12:35 AM: Dems VP Anna Brower sends in her shots, including a rather spooky one through the clouds.


– Third and fourth photos by Anna Brower

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  1. What do chickens  

    take in order to get into Cluck U?

    Final eggs-ams!

  2. lol

    dude! i don't know who you are but you are fucken hilarious!!! i love every single one of your jokes!!!

  3. TNB  

    shooting innocent kids

  4. i am so  

    clucking glad that the punster is back. YAY WORLD!

  5. great  

    anna brower is great!

  6. jBa  

    full moons are not ideal for photographing as they appear rather 2D. However last night's was so big you could get some detail just with a crappy point&shoot.

  7. Alum

    While there might be no proof that full moons bring out the crazy people, anyone who works in an ER would disagree - it's always busy on full moons.

  8. butler  

    there are no seats where are the seats???

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