Helfand Taking Leave of Absence

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Frontiers of Science mastermind David Helfand has gotten a promotion! After embarking on a bold experiment last year at Squamish, Canada’s Quest University, he has been named  “acting president”. According to the National Post, “he will take a paid leave of absence from Columbia and move to Squamish in January, where he will work, gratis, for the full calendar year, trying to get Quest back on track, attracting more students, and finding his replacement.”

According to the Post, Quest university has seen four university presidents in the past year and continually suffers from “administrative blunders, low enrollment numbers, and negative articles in the press.” The school is just one of the latest attempts to establish respectable small private universities in Canada, whose most famous universities are generally large and public–but at this point, the article says, “Quest is on the brink.”

Bwog would like to remind Professor Helfand to write all his graffiti in both languages.

UPDATE 6:00 PM: As a commenter has suggested, for posterity’s sake, Bwog also asks Professor Helfand’s students to send us pictures of him “getting freaky” on the dance floor.

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  1. Seriously...

    This post would've been more properly titled:

    "Disastrously Impotent FoS Douchebag Takes Leave of Absence, Covers Ass in Wake of Competency-Vacuum"

  2. where

    is that old post with pictures of him dancing? it was equally entertaining and horrifying.



  4. briliant  

    canadian bacon link, bwog!!!

  5. ...

    HAHAHAHAHAHA... that picture has brought a little bit of chear into this dreary day... thank you bwog... i remember how hard i laughed the first time i saw it

  6. I'm serious  

    Instead of FoS, just read this:

    A layman's history of science that actually explains how science happened in a really cool way (i.e. all the good stuff your teachers left out). I can't recommend this book enough.

  7. Wait  

    This man is moving far north from January through January to take on a Quest? Clearly he's Santa Claus!

  8. style

    squamish, british columbia. not squamish, canada (if you knew better, you probably wouldn't say Barack Obama of Chicago, USA)

  9. TNB  

    fathering children before age of 18

  10. is it just me...  

    or does Helfand look like Karl Marx?

  11. Alum

    In my day, Helfand was thin and his hair was bright red, albeit with a bit of gray here and there. Damn I feel old.

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