A Dark Night of the Soul

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Bwog took a stroll around Butler this fine Sunday evening, for such is our time-honored tradition. What we saw is a haunting portrait of the terrible side-effects of caffeine and what must be at least half of Starbucks’ yearly revenue. We also observed the masses try to escape their madness: literally, below, and figuratively, at See more portraiture after the jump — if you dare.














Does your study space rival these in filth, sheer volume, or Starbucks patronage? Send photographic evidence to [email protected] and we’ll gladly add it. 


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  1. the  

    christmas tree is my favorite.

  2. jesus cristo  

    what is wrong with people at this school?

  3. starbucks  

    is making a KILLING

  4. ...  

    is this normal? do other schools do this? comments from the peanut gallery please.
    i must say, though, that grinding it out in butler during exams is the only time i really feel like i'm a part of a columbia community

    • amen to that

      being around other people suffering through the same thing as I do makes me feel like part of a community as well... hell, I've developed whole friendships and even social circles from being around the same people all the time during every finals week.

  5. toli  

    this finals period actually seems a little bit mild. have we all just resigned? I saw crazier things during midterms this semester, MIDTERMS!

  6. props

    to he or she with the artscroll. you know who you are.

  7. About that4th pic

    Ahh stupid Soviet Final!

  8. no reason...  

    ... for anyone to ever need 4 textbooks open at the same time. especially when the solutions manual is the only one closed on the entire desk.

  9. truth  

    the but cleaning schedule has made looking at study space filth much less disgusting. the reduction in camping has made the but more hygienic! hooray!

  10. red bull  

    these people understand that caffeine *reduces* one's ability to focus, right?

  11. i'd like to  

    point out that the 8th picture down has a water boiler on the desk...

  12. ...  

    studying in butler is like driving a car in manhattan. when you wanna park, you have to circle for hours, you usually end up getting stuck in some shitty neighborhood that is loud and smelly and at the end of the day, you really just kinda look back on all the time you wasted and say "wow, that was a whole 'lotta aggravation for nothing."

  13. photo nut  

    who took the photos (especially #1?) I love the look of the first one

  14. love  

    I love Columbians. We are collectively a selfish, sad, and nutty bunch of people

  15. primal scream?  

    oui? non?

  16. "The horror...  

    the horror..."

    ...said the Columbia student entering Butler for the first time.

  17. butler 202

    oh hi! the water boiler is mine. i boil water and stick it in a nalgene and cradle it so when butler heating shuts off i have something to keep me warm.

  18. Wow...  

    So...studies are pretty much inconclusive about whether caffeine has nootropic effects in the short-term. In other words, it may or may not help you learn.

    What is conclusive, though, is that this is sad. Just plain sad.

    • because...  

      Red Bull gives you wings and coffee gives you the jitters... whatever happens, it wakes your ass right up, take me for instance, I haven't slept in over two days and I feel fucking fantastic

  19. butler 209  

    during finals always looks like the domestic departures area at LaGuardia: a transient population, living off overpriced coffee and sandwiches, dishevelled and haggard, sleeping upright or wedged uncomfortably into chairs, unable to stray too far from their belongings, which they have strewn around them in an attempt to mark out something like territory, so close to taking flight and yet so, so far away...

  20. THAT'S MY  


  21. yay

    Nice to see more people with the Feed bag.

  22. really?  

    is this kind of crazed "studying" really necessary?

    • Anonymous  

      These maniacal, caffeine over-dosing, sleep cycle disrupting campers will basically have cut their lives in half by the time they graduate from Columbia. Darwinism at its best. Nice.

  23. gotta be kidding me  

    Under NO circumstances is this kind of craziness in Butler ever necessary. Columbia is generally pretty easy, and I'm starting to think that you guys are masochists who love the pain of holing yourself up in a miserable place like that for a week. Just study in your room if you need to camp out somewhere; Bulter helps to give all of you high blood pressure every semester and contributes to campus animosity.

  24. stressed out premed  

    surprising to see no purple mowschowitz problem books in these pics.

  25. that's because  

    all the real pre-meds that are doing well in that class sleep from 2-8am and already know their shit. they are on top of it. as in, they won't need to be doing every single problem the night before the final.

  26. question  

    Don't many other colleges have libraries close at midnight or 2am or whatever, and so people have to leave? Correct me if I'm wrong, I was under the impression that's how it is at some places, e.g. Harvard.

  27. Relax  

    Why is everyone being so judgmental?

    Maybe for some, cramming and staying in Butler for 72 hours straight without any sleep is necessary. Everyone studies differently.

    Also, please do not say shit like "Columbia is easy" because everyone here knows they have to study and stay on top of the ball to do well.

    Bottom line: stop acting like stereotypical holier than thou Ivy snobs, guys.

  28. seas  

    i recognize that linear algebra textbook~

  29. CC alum

    Hey kids, procrastination and stress in law school apparently entails trolling the Bwog, looking at scenes of undergrad procrastination and stress. Mind-blowing.

    Also... are there two JUICE-BOXES in one of those pics?

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