Primal Overheard

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A Freudian slip became a Freudian scream just minutes ago:

Someone in an upper floor of McBain [primally] screamed out his window, “I want to suck your cock, Lee Bollinger!”

Now, correct us if we’re wrong, but isn’t the person you’re taunting supposed to be the, um, sucker?

Or perhaps the McBain resident just has a fetish for sprightly, page-boy ‘dos and steely — but gentle — blue-gray eyes. We know we do. 

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  1. y'all  

    use the best photo of him every time

  2. PrezBo's

    got magnificent PrezBalls. But is he cut?

  3. did anyone  

    else hear someone singing in the butler bathroom???

  4. dude  

    If I were Prezbo, I'd be kinda creeped out by this post. I mean, the fan club is nice and all, but let's not get carried away.

    • Anonymous

      What? Has anyone ever told you they wanted to suck your cock?

      Sure, there may be a few creepsters in there, but it's always flattering to hear. Always brings a smile to a boy's face.

  5. dude  

    i agree with post #4

  6. They're

    just jealous that I'm already doing it. Right now. As I type.

  7. what do you  

    call it if a patient undresses before their psychologist?

    A Freudian strip!

  8. what do you

    call someone who thinks Freud was a psychologist?


  9. But, Bwog!  

    Prezbo does not sport a pageboy. His hair is much too short, and lacks the requisite blunt bangs. Though, since you mention it, Prezbo would probably look quite fetching with such a coif.

  10. mean freshmen  

    I, in all my glory, come in late to the screaming; you could call me a tool, but rather I was occupied with something else at the strike of the moon. As I walk out of my door, I bellowed to the streets of 114th. Those Carman fools. I immediately was stopped by a freshman, who proclaimed,

    "One mike, one diva!"

    Needless to say this has not been a good night.

  11. borat  


  12. man

    Bwog and its commenters never fail to remind me how unfunny Columbians are...

  13. [email protected]  

    noooo... [email protected] crashed.. how am i suppoed to procrastinate now?

  14. oh no  

    speaking of bollinger and gay sex, I don't want bollinger to fuck me in the ass, but I have the feeling that he's gonna do it anyway over starting in two and half hours.

  15. bwog...  

    investigate this please,

    why are there workers tearing up the hamilton lawn?

  16. administrator  

    Hmmm. Seems that Bwog's standards have slipped. If this primal scream appeared as a comment between posts, it would have been removed. Same with the rest of the profanity-laden posts here. Way to show your juvenile side in the complete lack of moderation activity and judgment. Bollinger would be the first to defend your right to free expression, but good luck on getting him to take you seriously in the future. Someday you may learn that free speech is not divorced from consequences.

  17. kjr

    #9-- Calm down, and think of a better adjective.

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