Your Biannual Carsplit PSA

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The perennial Carsplit enthusiasts have resurfaced! And they’ve asked that we post a link to this thing in hopes of securing cheaper airport-bound cab rides for everyone.

So sure, here’s Carsplit. We know it’s hard to see past your last final, but if you’re headed to JFK, LaGuardia, or Newark by taxi in the coming days, use this thing to find new friends who are doing the same, thus saving everyone money. 

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  1. King Solomon  

    For the second year in a row, I shall split this car in half!

  2. Anonymous  

    yesss this makes me feel as if the end is near!

  3. nooo  

    don't remind me of this, bwog!

    i want to be done with finals, but i don't want to leave :'-(

  4. why would  

    anyone take a cab to laguardia? the m60 goes striaght there- for $2!

  5. why not it? it kind of sucks when you are the first person they pick up in a 6-person carpool but it's affordable and they are always on time. bonus student discount code: E65CE

    • super shuttle  

      is terrible, at least on the way back from an airport. The last couple of times it's taken be 1.5-2.5 hrs to get back to CU. It was a farce.

      Also, splitting a cab with one other person = cost of super shuttle so...

  6. M60

    It's convenient, yes, but with traffic (and all the people trying to get to the airport), it'll be crowded and long - maybe an hour to an hour and a half...

  7. well

    m60 sucks ass at times. I take it every time, but if I could afford the cab I most certainly would take that. and certainly many kids here can afford it no problem.

  8. ...  

    A/D express to LIRR rulez

    JFK on the other hand doesn't rule so much. c'est la vie.

  9. bwog  

    i just touched to my image in the mirror, does that mean i'm a lesbian?

  10. LIRR LOVER  

    Not too many people know this yet.

    The best way to get to JFK on a Saturday/Sunday: Take the 1 down to Penn Station, and buy a Cityticket for $3.50 ( that will take you to Jamaica Station. Pay $5 for the AirTrain and get into JFK. It'll be $10, take you about an hour, much more reliable than SuperShuttle.

  11. Newark  

    How do I get to Newark Airport??
    I was an idiot and booked a flight that left from there. fuck. now i have to find my way to New Jersey.

  12. Attn: Bwog

    Biannual is once every two years.
    Semiannual is twice a year.
    Make a note.

  13. Attn: Bwog

    Admittedly wrong, but how is it possible that biannual and semiannual mean the same thing?!?!?!?!?

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